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Feeling anxious about the future? Find hope with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra at
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London -- I feel your grief and I'm deeply saddened by the collective madness of our times. Sending love and healing to all. Let's stay strong in peace.
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Are you ready to reach your greatest potential?

In this exclusive new online course, Finding Connection Through Yoga, Deepak Chopra will share a seven-week plan that will change your perspective on the world. Learn how to tap into your innate, unlimited potential and start to feel connected to everyone and everything around you in a way that promotes peace, compassion, and abundance,...
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Life brings situations where someone you trusted betrays you. Here are 7 Things To Do When You have Been Betrayed by @DeepakChopra [ Link ]
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Why does God allow suffering ? #YATU
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Renew a sense of trust and optimism about your life and the world around you.

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Oprah and Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience

Bliss is our natural state and our birthright. Sign up for our latest 21-Day Meditation experience at Journey to the lightness that is your tr...

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Discussion with Mark Hyman, MD at Chopra Center 'Journey Into Healing' - Nutrition & Wellbeing #YATU
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Do you want more magic, more wonder, more ease in your everyday life? Oprah and Deepak will lead you there:
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The building blocks of the universe are concepts #YATU
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Uncover the mystery of our very own existence with Deepak Chopra during a public television special about his new book "You Are the Universe!" Watch and support your local public broadcast TV station tomorrow, March 4th! Check your local listings to see what time it will air near you.

Find out more about You Are The Universe at #YATU
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If I am the universe why do I have to pay bills ?

I send my deepest gratitude to you for your books. They have finally answered my questions about the value human emotions play in our existence and how to use them as barometers and indicators. I have one last emotion that does not seem to flow right through me. Instead, I seem to be very attached to it and that emotion is resentment. It is not resentment of my past or...
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Addressing Health Issues #YATU
Technology isn't the doorkeeper of truth. There is really only one viable way forward. My article in San Francisco Chronicle [ Link ]
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Extraordinary Israel tour with Nachshon VIP Tour #ChopraFoundation
Knowing is the constant element in every experience #YATU