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From what I understand .... bavi always had an option to stay silent as " no rape and possible rape attempt and heavy mental torturing was what had happened " , but she was bold , not to keep things confidential in order to save her celebrity status , instead ,took a strong and powerful decision to retaliate against these bastards and bring them to limelight with the support of the entire...
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Deepak Dev
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Deepak Dev
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Most watched malayalam movie song ever
❤❤❤❤Wish you all a very "Happy Valentine's Day !!! from Me and My valentine ❤❤❤❤❤
Veno ?
Recording sessions ..... with Bhasi !!
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Nummade Kochi -->> [ Link ]

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I'm glad !!!thank you all for making my song on top right now !
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It's beggining to be the top trending song video in the last 14 hours :)
Nummada kochi ......Nummada muthaane !!!!!!!!!!!


Ft LAL Peethambar Menon ( thaikkudam bridge ) Thoppil Anto Music : Deepak Dev Guitars : Mithun ( thaikkudam bridge ) Flute : Aju Mixed and mastered at dev's ...

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Will be coming live in a while ......see you .
Love birds tweeting in between the sessions ......
Asif Ali and Ganapathy , during honey bee recording sessions ....
Lal. Jr during honey bee recording sessions ....
Last night jam with honey bees ......