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Another one from 'Mumbai Hulchul'
My Wife's Diary
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"Magic is what we all want in life."
Clipping of The Statesman - Section 2
'My Wife's Diary'
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Clipping of The Statesman - SECTION-2
My Wife's Diary another milestone...
Today's Coverage "The Statesman" 12th Jan 2017
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Praise for 'My Wife's Diary'

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Met a childhood friend today. We cherished all memories together.
Really Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.
Found these pics over social media.
I miss being a little kid with no stress, worries, or care in the world.
Love has nothing to do with the body. It speaks from the soul.
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Happy New Year 2017 guys...
May you have new hopes, aspirations, and resolutions for the coming year.
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Finally 'My Wife's Diary' crossed 100 Reviews.
Thank you everyone...
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What if you get a chance to look into your partner's diary?

My Wife's Diary
Another Interview by #Sakhi #Magazine

"Life is a journey of lessons."
Thanks for the opportunity.
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'My Wife's Diary' #MWD

My Wife's Diary
My Wife's Diary
Awaiting more reviews guys...
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Quotes from my books:
1. Girls Hostel - Unspoken Memories (2014)
2. By The Mountains - Love Reloaded (2015)
3. My Wife's Diary (2016)
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What if your love marriage is based on one-sided love?

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Love has nothing to do with the body,
It speaks from the Soul....
~ My Wife's Diary

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My Wife's Diary
'My Wife's Diary' and The Big Screen...
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'My Wife's Diary'
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