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My Wife's Diary
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For all wonderful women out there:

You can do almost everything
You put your mind to...
You can swim the Deepest Ocean,
And climb the Highest Peak!
You can face Adversity
And still walk Dauntless...
You are strong, beautiful, compassionate.

Today is Yours as any Other Day!!

Happy Women's Day
Positive thoughts create Positive things.
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Sun is alone too but it still shines.
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My Wife's Diary

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On the occasion of Valentine Day
Directly from 'My Wife's Diary' (:

Dear Sweetie,
Magic is what we all want in life. We want magic to happen in every stage of our lives, to resolve our problems, to bestow us with something we value, to keep us healthy and alive. We all want to believe that magic happens. Sometimes, we also want to create our own magic. And that is when some of us make a great...
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My Wife's Diary
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My Wife's Diary
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My Wife's Diary
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"Magic is what we all want in life."
Clipping of The Statesman - Section 2
'My Wife's Diary'
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Clipping of The Statesman - SECTION-2