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Some Southeastern deer hunters are still getting after it and waiting on the peak rut to begin. Yes, it's totally different than the Midwest and Northeast, with some breeding not happening along the Gulf Coast until mid- to late-February. Jeremy Flinn takes a look at some states peak rut dates.

EXCLUSIVE: Peak 2016 Rut Forecast for Southern Deer Hunters - Deer & Deer Hunting | Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips
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The new half-gallon and gallon Rambler jugs are great for longer trips when you need beverages or food to last. You'll never lose the screw-off lid, either. Check out the new Ramblers from YETI.
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The new Primos Hunting Bow Vest Gen 2 is loaded with updated features for bowhunters.
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Full TV episodes and other online videos for free all the time. DeerHunter.TV is here to feed your whitetail addiction.

New Web Destination Offers Free TV Shows and Videos
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Watch live from the SHOT Show.
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New Archery Products unveils a new QuikFletch vane โ€” the Hellfire โ€” which offers improved spin and stability on hunting arrows. Best of all, it is super easy to install on arrow shafts.
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Be sure to follow all the 2017 SHOT Show action on the new Deerhunter.TV page. That's DDH's Gordy Krahn checking out what's new at Mossberg.
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Sporting Chef Scott Leysath serving up wild boar with cranberry sauce appetizers at our Shot Show booth today! SHOT Show
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We are proud to unveil our new all-deer all-the-time video site: DeerHunter.TV

Must-See: Super Slow-Motion of Arrow Piercing Deer
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Horton Crossbows unveils the new Vortex RDX, a compact, high-tech and hard-hitting bow at a fraction of the price of a premium model. Deer & Deer Hunting's Dan Schmidt caught up with Brian Flaherty to learn more about the Vortex RDX and shoot it at the Archery Trade Association show in January.
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PSE Archery: New Evolve 35 Bow
The new Halon 32 from Mathews Archery, Inc. is a compound bow built for the whitetail hunter who wants speed with improved downrange accuracy.
Check out this buck fight. That is one mighty brave spikehorn! Video courtesy of HomeGrown Tv
Here's an inside look at how ozone works to kill scent when used in the new DriWashยฎ bag from Ozonics Hunting. Archery Trade Association #ATA2017
The 2017 Archery Trade Show has been full of surprises, including this exciting news from Easton Archery: For a limited time, archers can get their hands on the high-tech FMJ shafts in the throwback Autumn Orange color. They won't last, so get to your local Easton Arrow dealer now to find out how you can get some for yourself!
A quick interview with Stephen Tucker of Tennessee with his new world record nontypical whitetail, which was officially panel-scored on Jan. 9 and tallied 312 3/8 B&C. It is awaiting B&C certification and is the new Tennessee nontypical record. Fantastic buck!
Top tips for managing whitetails on private ground. "Grow 'em Big!" with Steve Bartylla. Wildlife Research Center, inc. | RECONYX | Ranew's Outdoor Equipment | Chestnut Hill Outdoors | Bush Hog Inc. | Redneck Hunting Blinds | Heater Body Suit, Inc | Antler King Trophy Products Inc.
Tennessee produces new record nontypical!

TN Buck Rewrites Record Books