Defeat Depression
Defeat Depression
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Keep going.

xo, Clare
Keep going

xo Clare
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Let's talk about the radical act of taking care of yourself.
Defeat Depression 05/16/2017

'Boring Self-Care' Drawings Celebrate Everyday Mental Health Wins
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Let's start a club. We'll call it the "Self Love Club." You're all welcome to join. In fact, I encourage you all to join. I know it's not easy to love yourself, but let's give it a try!

xo, Clare
Lets start a club Well call it the Self Love Club Youre
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Thinking about selling these DD 20oz drink tumblers! Would you buy one?
Thinking about selling these DD 20oz drink tumblers Would you buy one
Defeat Depression
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Learn to love yourself, no matter how long it takes!

XO, Clare
Learn to love yourself no matter how long it takes
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Transcendent peace with Eastern systems
Don't forget to be successful today! Even if it's just a small win...that is a success!! ❤ Hannah
Dont forget to be successful today Even if its just a small
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Improving your health with Eastern Healing
Hi all!

Ellie, from the BBC, has sent me a link to some of their videos for mental health awareness, and I feel this is a good way to share for Mental Health Month! Check it out!: [ Link ]

<3 Hannah
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Good morning, all!

I started my day off right with a nice walk with the dog, a cup o' joe, and some heartfelt videos. Today's activities include going on a 4-hour long hike up and down a mountain with really good friends. While I am very much looking forward to it, I am also incredibly out of shape which in turn is giving me major anxiety. But! I'm trying my hardest to only think of the...
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Good morning all I started my day off right with a nice
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What are you going to do this month to raise awareness?
What are you going to do this month to raise awareness
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I recently shared a photo on my personal Facebook page for two reasons: 1) to help me feel better about my body and 2) to help empower others to do the same. I'd really like to share my message with you, so here it goes:

"The photo on the left is me at barely 100 pounds in 2009; I did not have an eating disorder, but I WAS very sick. The photo in the center is me at 135 pounds in 2013; my...
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I recently shared a photo on my personal Facebook page for two
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Fear has a funny way of pushing us to do something we wouldn't normally, then it continues to push us to the finish line. And after you're finished...after the adrenaline rush is gone, you realize that in that moment of fear you were also in sheer bliss. Its funny how something that can be seen as terrifying can also be so comforting.

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Soul 2 Sole Meditations 4 Healing Depression
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Answering your questions now!
Defeat Depression
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I love that the royal family is so passionate about mental health! ❤ Hannah
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xo, Clare
xo Clare
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<3 Hannah
3 Hannah
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Transcendent peace with Eastern systems
Deeper insight using Chi Gong techniques
Despite feeling down a lot lately, I have been attempting to push myself to do things I normally enjoy - even when I know I won't enjoy them when I'm feeling as depressed as I have been. For me, photography is something that makes me feel at peace & I feel like I can completely be myself in. When I am feeling my worst, my fiance always tell me to try a hobby to distract myself - I have always...
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Despite feeling down a lot lately I have been attempting to push
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As promised, here's a crazy photo of me (Hannah) when I went for my sleep study! I hope this makes you laugh! lol

Also, for those of you that'd like to join our PRIVATE Defeat Depression group here's the link:

And the workbook I've been using for my anxiety is called "Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" by Edmund J. Bourne.

I hope you all enjoyed tonight's live video! See you soon!

❤ Hannah
As promised heres a crazy photo of me Hannah when I went
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Jill Calzada Pruett
Come chat with me take 2!
Defeat Depression
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Our thoughts and prayers are with Amy's family and friends. You will be missed but never forgotten, Amy! <3

Amy is the founder of Project Semicolon.

[ Link ]
Our thoughts and prayers are with Amys family and friends You will

Amy Bleuel, Founder of Project Semicolon, Passes Away at 31
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