Best of luck to all the inaugural members of the AFL Women's League Grand Final but especially our three servicewomen, Kate Lutkins (Brisbane Lions), Heather Anderson and Rhiannon Metcalfe (Adelaide Football Club).

(Photo by Daniel Carson/AFL Media)
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How far you take your Navy career is completely up to you! [ Link ]
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As an Analyst Intelligence Operations, Steph helps keep Army command up to date with news and events from around the world.
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The ADF Gap Year is a fulfilling one. Make the most of your potential, apply today.
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Effective teamwork โ€“ it takes four personnel to operate a M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank.
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Finding a career where she could give back to the community and be part of something bigger was always important to Heather. Now as an Army Medic and AFL Women's player for the Adelaide Football Club she has the opportunity to do so. [ Link ]
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Today is Harmony Day! A day to celebrate the great strength that our cultural diversity contributes to Australia and to the Australian Defence Force.
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As a Surveillance Aircraft Operator, you'll provide key information to Army troops on the ground.
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Few get to see a Navy Submariner's world but you have the chance to become part of it.

Defence Jobs Australia
A career in the Navy is so much more than defence. Our personnel provide relief and assistance โ€“ at home and abroad.
Weโ€™re now live at the Australian Defence Force Academy for our Facebook Live Q&A! Take a look around the campus and ask Richard, Kim and Mitch anything you want to know about the training, facilities and lifestyle available at ADFA.
Don't forget to join us tomorrow for our ADFA Facebook Live Q&A from 5.30pm AEDT. We'll check out the campus and you'll have the opportunity to have your questions answered live by Kimberley, Mitchell & Richard. [ Link ]
Do you know your aircraft? These babies will be joining our squadron in the near future.
Be inspired and set off on an adventure with a role in the Air Force.

Defence Jobs Australia
Getting paid to travel and play sport, sound too good to be true? See how the Australian Defence Force offers you the potential to do it all. [ Link ]
Looking for great family support? See what the Navy provides for families. [ Link ]
Check out Katie and Anthonyโ€™s awesome day out at the Australian International Airshow, meeting pilots and watching the most technologically advanced aircraft in action. Think you have what it takes to be a Pilot in the Air Force? [ Link ]
Join us live on location at the Australian Defence Force Academy! Weโ€™ll take you on a tour of the campus, meet the people and have ADFA cadets ready to answer all your questions. So get your questions ready and be sure to tune in from 5:30pm AEDT Thursday 16th of March.

Online: ADFA Facebook Live Q&A

Hands in for International Womenโ€™s Day. This yearโ€™s theme is #BeBoldForChange so join us in promoting a more gender inclusive world.
Interested in a Gap Year? Consider doing it with the Australian Defence Force. Applications are now open! [ Link ]