Melissa McDonald discovered a desire to learn foreign languages in the Army… and now she applies her skills as an Electronic Warfare Operator.
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Royal Military College graduates emerge ready to lead the way in their specialist field.

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Good luck to Clare Lawton and the GWS Giants today. See how Clare's experience as an Army Officer has helped her lead both on and off the field. [ Link ]
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We’re now live for our Navy: Electronics & Marine Technician Facebook Live Q&A! Ask your questions in the comments section below to have them answered by Michelle and Philippa. Michelle is an Electronics Technician and Philippa is a Marine Technician. Ask away!
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Don't forget to join our Facebook Live Q&A on our page today at 3.30pm AEDT to have your questions answered live by current serving members in the Royal Australian Navy.

Online: Navy Electronics & Marine Technician Facebook Live Q&A

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Army Reservists don’t pay tax! Now there is a statement which may sound too good to be true. But what do you think? #ADFMyths
Do what you love with a career in the Australian Defence Force.
Start your journey to become a Navy, Army or Air Force Officer at the Australian Defence Force Academy. [ Link ]
Welcome aboard the Amphibious Ship, HMAS Canberra. Join us for a 360° tour of the ultimate mission machine.
There's more than one way to join the Army, so what are you waiting for?
Studying at the Australian Defence Force Academy will open up a whole new world of opportunities.

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At your peak! See how you can get in the shape of your life with a role in the Royal Australian Navy. [ Link ]
Adaptable, resilient, physically and mentally tough – it takes a special kind of soldier to be an Army Commando.
A big welcome to over 320 Midshipmen and Officer Cadets who began their studies and military training at the Australian Defence Force Academy this week!

Australian Defence Force Academy
Join our talented team of tradespeople and work on some of the world’s most exciting systems, vehicles and aircraft.

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Want to further your career and work with high-tech aircraft? If the answer is yes, a role as an Aircraft Technician in the Air Force may be for you.
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