Scientists reported finding 6,620 manatees this year, up from the 6,250 they counted last year and the 6,063 the year before.

Florida Fish And Wildlife Commission Encouraged By 2017 Manatee Survey
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Help protect wildlife every time you shop! Up to 10% of every purchase is donated to Defenders of Wildlife with over 1,000 participating stores!

Support A Great Cause Without Writing A Check
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Some words for #WisdomWednesday from a brilliant mind who understood the importance of nature.
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How far will the Trump administration go in rolling back environmental safeguards that protect wildlife across the country?

Trump to roll back Obama’s climate, water rules through executive action
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Researchers found that nearly half of the world’s threatened and endangered mammals and nearly a quarter of birds are already seriously impacted by climate change — more than 700 species total.

Climate threat to wildlife may have been massively underreported
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Known for their agility, mountain goats are most often seen scaling steep, rocky ledges. This extreme alpine environment provides them with adequate protection from predators. Learn more about these fascinating animals: [ Link ]
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Millions of monarchs migrate over 3,400 miles from the US and Canada each year. Unfortunately, their numbers are dropping...

Winter migration of monarch butterflies to Mexico drops after one-year recovery
The man faces up to 21 months in prison for hiding endangered turtles under bags of candy and noodles.

Queens Man Admits Smuggling Endangered Turtles in Packages Marked ‘Snacks’
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A victim of a recent bear attack is speaking out against laws that require wildlife officials to kill animals that attack humans in the wild.

Why Do We Kill the Bears We Encounter in the Wild?
It's been finalized: On Thursday, President Trump signed the repeal which rolled back a regulation that protected streams from mining pollution.

Trump repeal of stream rule helps coal, at expense of climate and species
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Did you know that the blue whale can grow to 90 or more feet and weigh as much as 24 elephants? Check out these other cool whale facts!

10 Wonderful Whale Facts
Some conservatives are looking to address climate change through a tax on carbon dioxide emissions. Catch this news and more in the latest edition of Wildlife Weekly!

Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up: 02/17/2017
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“Scott Pruitt is anti-environment, anti-science and anti-regulation. His ascension to lead the Environmental Protection Agency flies clearly in the face of our government’s responsibility to protect our air, water and wildlife." - Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders' CEO

Scott Pruitt, longtime adversary of EPA, confirmed to lead the agency
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Get ready for the weekend with this wonderful collection of wildlife photos sent in by our fans! Remember, you can send us a direct message with your photos and a brief description to see them featured in one of our weekly albums.
The Endangered Species Act is under attack. At a hearing yesterday, our CEO defended this landmark law in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. We will continue to stand strong for the ESA, and we'll hold lawmakers accountable for any attempts to undermine and and weaken it.

Republicans begin effort to gut the Endangered Species Act
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URGENT: Wolves, bears and other predators are once again in grave danger in Alaska. Today, the House of Representatives will vote on H.J. Res. 69, a resolution to void a vital rule that helps protect these iconic species on national wildlife refuges in the state. If this rule is overturned, Alaska’s extreme killing methods such as shooting mother bears with cubs and killing wolves with pups in...
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Today we launched our 8th annual photo contest! Whether you're an accomplished nature photographer or you just love the thrill of trying to snap that perfect shot, here's your chance to show off your skills...

Give Us Your Best Shot!
Today we're taking the fight to Capitol Hill to stand up for the Endangered Species Act and the wildlife it protects. Our CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark is testifying at a EPW Senate committee hearing on this landmark law, and we'll keep you updated as things develop! [ Link ]
This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a love story that is near and dear to our hearts. This will be an uphill battle, but together we can save the hero of this story.

ESA: The Forgotten Love Story
A word to the wise: Never take relationship advice from a praying mantis!

7 Tales Of Animal Affection – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME