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In the delicious. kitchen we're constantly tasting new recipes and products but after learning about Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge's 11-stone weight loss, we wanted to know if it's really possible to diet when you work in food...

Is it possible to diet when you're a food writer? - delicious. magazine
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Spring is officially here, so get out in the garden and start planting.
From tomatoes to thyme, shallots to spinach – get tips on how to grow a wide selection of foods, with recipes to use them in here: [ Link ]
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Treat your Mum like a Queen – bake her a proper British pud made from vanilla sponge, sweet raspberry jam and marshmallowy meringue topping

Queen of puddings - delicious. magazine
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It's impossible to resist the crunchy-salty crackling and tender meat of slow-cooked pork belly. Cooked for six hours and served with mint relish, it's the ultimate Sunday lunch.

Slow-roast pork belly with sherry gravy and mint relish - delicious. magazine
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A true taste of the Italian countryside, all you need with this quick sausage ragù is a good glass of red

Tuscan sausage and fennel ragù with gnocchi - delicious. magazine
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When sticky toffee apple meets your favourite Sunday pudding you get this easy toffee apple crumble.
Get the full recipe here: [ Link ]
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Take your risotto to the next level – top with fresh herbs, crunchy breadcrumbs and fried parma ham for a deceptively simple dinner party main

Herb and lemon risotto with parma ham crumbs - delicious. magazine
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We meet the new Great British Menu judge, Andi Oliver, who believes she's been given 'the greatest job in the world' plus we take a sneak peak through the window of her first restaurant in Stoke Newington, in the latest episode of our podcast.
Listen here: [ Link ]
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You don't have to wait for summer to enjoy a wonderful salad, find Richard Bertinet's recipe for winter panzanella with chilli, broccoli and anchovies – made using his delicious. Produce Awards winning sourdough loaf – in the March issue of delicious.
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It might not be curry in a hurry but the tender pork in this slow-cooked Indonesian curry is definitely worth the wait

Indonesian pork rendang - delicious. magazine
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Friday is our favourite F word after food
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We're having a discussion in the delicious. office, what is the most essential cooking tip you've picked up?
Did your mum teach you to use oats in a crumble topping? Did you learn to chill pastry from Mary Berry? Or did Delia tell you the importance of browning casserole meat?
Tell us in the comments below...
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We bet you didn't know that in 14 novels James Bond downs a whopping 1,150 units of booze in 88 days and on his biggest bender he drinks 50 units in one single day! That's a lot, even for fiction's most notorious drinker.

Shaken not stirred: The drinks of James Bond - delicious. magazine
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From elderflower gin to beautiful homewares, these are the gifts you should buy your Mum this Mother's Day (which is this Sunday...just in case you had forgotten).
See more here: [ Link ]
Warning to all peanut butter lovers: these soft cookies are quick, easy and dangerously moreish

Salted peanut butter cookies - delicious. magazine
Just 20 minutes stands between you and this springtime pesto with gnocchi and caramelised leeks

Gnocchi with spinach pesto and caramelised leeks - delicious. magazine
Golden, crunchy croquetas filled with melted cheese and Serrano ham make a heavenly drinks' party nibble. Get Thomasina Miers's recipe, plus the rest of her four-course menu, in our March issue.
You don't need Nando's to have piri-piri chicken. Make this Portuguese dish at home using Diana Henry's recipe

Easy chicken piri-piri - delicious. magazine
We've turned classic tiramisu into a cake so now you can enjoy this decadent combination of chocolate, coffee and amaretto for afternoon tea

Chocolate tiramisu cake - delicious. magazine
They're one of the most popular recipes on the delicious. website and incredibly easy to make – try these easy carrot, sweet potato and feta fritters next time you're looking for a vegetarian dinner.
Get the full recipe here: [ Link ]