Dementia Friends
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Another amazing week comes to a close with many more new #DementiaFriends!

We though we would share 8 year old Dementia Friend Thomas' simple and effective plan of action to help people living with dementia.

Find out more: [ Link ]
Dementia Friends
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Our North Champion conference is off to a great start in Manchester!

More Dementia Friends Champions from across the regions are gathering together to further develop their skills and to share great ideas with one another - the perfect opportunity to help build dementia friendly communities across the country.

Follow any updates via our #Champcon tagline. If you would like more information...
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Dementia Friends
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People with dementia often experience problems with eating and drinking. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important. It can help them maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.

For advice and support, take a look at Alzheimer's Society's information on eating & drinking for people living with dementia: [ Link ]

Eating and drinking - Alzheimer's Society
Dementia Friends is getting around! Check out these great actions from a Session in Finland.

Champion Fiona Morgan delivered the Session to 40 students during a university exchange programme with Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences in Finland.
Today we are hosting our very first South Champion Conference!

Dementia Friends Champions from across various regions are gathering to develop skills and learn more about how to build dementia-friendly communities across the country. You can follow any updates throughout the day with the tagline #Champcon

Find out how to become a Dementia Friends Champion: [ Link ]
Happy St Patrick's Day to all those who are celebrating!

Let's continue sharing kind and caring gestures across the weekend with inspiration from 11 year old #DementiaFriend Leonie. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Become a Dementia Friend: [ Link ]
‘Every family member or carer or anyone who knows someone who has been diagnosed should come to this talk – really helps to understand it better’

#DementiaFriends Champion Sue Giles got this great feedback at a Session she ran for volunteer walk leaders in Swindon
Our Side by Side project is a fantastic way of sharing your time with people living with dementia. Whether it’s taking a trip to the garden centre or spending a morning at the shops, Side by Side volunteering is flexible and lots of fun for both involved.

Let’s meet some people living with dementia and their volunteers and see what they’ve been getting up to: [ Link ]

Dog walks, jazz sessions and baking cakes - all in a day's volunteering work - Alzheimer's Society blog
It's important to remember no action is too small - 9 Year old #DementiaFriend Taylor has the perfect idea to inspire us all!

Become a Dementia Friend and take action: [ Link ]
We have a very exciting opportunity for all Dementia Friends Champions to attend our very first Champion conferences!

This is your chance to meet other Champions, develop your skills and learn more about building dementia-friendly communities – and we'll even help you to attend by paying towards your travel. If you are a Dementia Friends Champion that would like more information or to be book...
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Dementia Friends key message #1: 'Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process.'

Learn more about dementia and become a Dementia Friend in just 5 minutes by visiting the website:
'The GP dismissed Mum's symptoms as old age and "nothing to worry about"

'Mum would get very agitated, restless and confused. I sensed that something wasn't right and it was breaking my heart not knowing what was happening.

'Over time, family and friends stopped visiting. It was a very lonely period for us.'

Gareth Bracken from Living with dementia magazine meets a former carer who is...
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The Dementia Friends Programme has now reached the shores of Gibraltar!

Congratulations to all those involved in helping to support the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia.

If you would like to get involved find out how to become a Dementia Friend here: [ Link ]
What better way to end the week than with a little creativity!

Inspiring 13 year old Dementia Friend Freya is using her action to support her grandma - the perfect activity for the weekend!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! #Dementiafriends #Fridayfeeling
Fantastic to have AFC Wimbledon on #TeamDementiaFriends after their Session this week!

“We are pleased to be able to support Alzheimer’s Society in raising awareness of dementia within Wimbledon. Several of our former players have been affected by dementia, including Roy Law and Tommy McCready, so it is a cause close to our hearts.

“Football clubs are a hub for the local community and so we...
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'We understand everyone with dementia is individual and therefore we are looking to tailor our services to give them an individual service and also take this into account when building new homes and updating our current ones.'

Find out how Guinness Partnership are encouraging staff to learn more about dementia and take action: [ Link ]
Alison challenges people’s perception of dementia with her story

"Early onset Alzheimer’s isn’t the end of everything. Sometimes I can’t believe how much I have changed from my old self…but in other ways I have changed very little."

More about Alison's story here: [ Link ]

Alison challenges people's perception of dementia with her story - Alzheimer's Society blog
Take a look at this lovely action from 11 year old #DementiaFriend Evie - We hope you all create some great memories of your own this weekend! #fridayfeeling Find out more: [ Link ]
If you're looking for a new volunteering opportunity as part of Student Volunteering Week, why not become a Dementia Friends Champion?

Our Dementia Friends Champions are the volunteers who are leading the Dementia Friends initiative, helping other people to understand a little bit more about what it's like to live with dementia and the small things that can make a difference to people with...
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Work for Capita or know someone who does? Vote for Alzheimer’s Society this week and together we can help more people affected by dementia to be supported & live well! Voting is open until Wednesday 1st March.