Dementia Friends
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Looking for a new #volunteering opportunity for 2017?

Volunteer as a #DementiaFriends Champion and you can help people in your community to learn more about dementia and the small ways they can help people affected by dementia. Here are a few of the dates coming up:

Guernsey - 8 Feb [ Link ]
Gwbert, Cardigan - 23 Feb [ Link ]
Halifax - 3 Mar [ Link ]
Shrewsbury - 7 Mar [...
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Dementia Friends
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Calling all #DementiaFriends Champions - we've got some great webinars coming up to help you in your role. Plus they're a brilliant chance to chat with other Champions and share advice!

Webinars on our Scouts Partnership, making the most of social media and a refresher of the Info Session are all happening in the next week. Book now! [ Link ]
Dementia Friends
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Let's end the week with this great action from 7 year old Antony, one of our young #DementiaFriends.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Dementia Friends
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Looking for expert Information about dementia?

Alzheimer's Society produces a wide range of publications designed to support and inform anyone affected by dementia. You will find information about all aspects of dementia, including the different types and causes and aspects of treatment, living with dementia or caring for someone with dementia. [ Link ]

Publications - Alzheimer's Society
Join Alzheimer's Society's expert Q&A on "Safety for carers and people with dementia" on Tuesday 17th 3-5pm, ask your questions now: [ Link ]

Expert Q&A "Safety for carers and people with dementia" Tues 17th 3-5pm
Love this heartwarming story from new Dementia Friend Adele! She attended a Session run by Margaret Simpson and soon after put her new learning to good use:

'This evening I went for something to eat with my two adult children before the football. On trying to pay the bill, the waiter was getting frustrated as an elderly gentleman had put 4 different cards and pins in and could not remember...
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Are you sticking to your new year's resolution?

Our Dementia Friends at the Burley-in-Wharfedale Dementia Action Group are continuing to help change people's perceptions of dementia.

Lets transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition. Learn about how you can become a Dementia Friend here: [ Link ]
Did you get a chance to read Alzheimer's Society's blog post response to news that 'living near busy roads could increase risk of dementia' ?

Find out about the key findings from the study and what they mean here: [ Link ]

Living close to major roads linked to small increase in dementia risk, study suggests - Alzheimer's Society
'A Mediterranean diet may have lasting effects on brain health', a recent study suggests.

Dr Clare Walton, Research Manager at Alzheimer's Society said:

"While the evidence suggests a Mediterranean diet can help keep your brain healthy as you age, we can’t yet say that it prevents dementia. What’s good for you heart is also good for your head and a healthy lifestyle that features regular...
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Mediterranean diet may have lasting effects on brain health, study suggests - Alzheimer's Society
Let's end the week with something inspiring from 11 year old Dementia Friend Maddison

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
'Living close to major roads linked to small increase in dementia risk', a study suggests.

Dr Doug Brown, Director of Research at Alzheimer's Society said:

"The causes of dementia are complex. Lifestyle factors such as exercise, eating healthily and avoiding smoking will reduce our chances of developing dementia. Age remains the strongest known risk factor for dementia, but emerging evidence...
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Living close to major roads linked to small increase in dementia risk, study suggests - Alzheimer's Society
Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process.

This is just one of the five key messages of Dementia Friends. Learn more by becoming a Dementia Friend:
We are dedicated to defeating dementia through research.

Whether you are directly affected by dementia, interested in dementia research, want to get actively involved or find out more about new developments, we have all the information you need here: [ Link ]

Our research: how you can help - Alzheimer's Society
To continue our inspiring series of actions from our young Dementia Friends, here's a great action from 10 year old Tyler.

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Happy New Year everyone!

As your very first New Year's resolution, why not become a Dementia Friend? It's really easy to do. Simply watch the online video or attend a Session near you.
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'Some folk have been good walkers in the past but they've missed out after being diagnosed with dementia.'

'As well as getting outside, the group is very much a social occasion. Friendships have developed within the group, and carers are able to share experiences.'

A walking group in Carlisle, led by Alzheimer's Society volunteers, helps people affected by dementia to get outdoors and stay...
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A walking group that gets people with dementia out in the world - Living with dementia magazine December/January 2017 - Alzheimer's Society
Here's another inspiring action from one of our young Dementia Friends.

What actions have you taken to help support people affected by dementia?
What can arts venues do to support people affected by dementia?

'Becoming a dementia-friendly arts venue: A practical guide' is a guide for arts venue managers and staff on how to make the environment, facilities and programming of arts venues accessible to people with dementia, their families and carers.

Find out more: [ Link ]

Becoming a dementia-friendly arts venue: A practical guide - Alzheimer's Society
To help keep that warm and fuzzy festive spirit going, here's another great action from one of our young Dementia Friends!

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As all of today's matches kick off, why not find out about #TeamDementiaFriends - our campaign to make football more dementia-friendly: [ Link ]