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This week marked the 14th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. In 2013, we spoke with activist Arundhati Roy about the war: "At the heart of this operation is an immorality and a psychopathic violence, which even the people in the United States are now suffering for… We are being given lessons in morality while tens of thousands are being killed, while whole countries are shattered, while...
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Arundhati Roy on Iraq War's 10th: Bush May Be Gone, But "Psychosis" of U.S. Foreign Policy Prevails
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Bob Lee, also known as Robert Alwalee, was an organizer of the original Rainbow Coalition, an alliance between the Black Panther Party, the Young Lords, the Young Patriots and other groups.

RIP: Bob Lee aka Robert Alwalee, Black Panther Activist & Community Organizer
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Officer Jason Van Dyke still faces first-degree murder charges, but some legal observers believe the special prosecutor brought the additional charges to give jurors the option to charge the officer with a lesser offense.

Chicago Officer Draws Additional Charges in Laquan McDonald Killing
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Amy Goodman: "Neil Gorsuch cast a cold, solitary vote against a worker who was fighting for his life. That should weigh heavily on the senators as they consider Gorsuch’s lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land."

Amy Goodman: Neil Gorsuch and the Case of the Frozen Trucker
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In Mexico, a gunman shot dead journalist Miroslava Breach Thursday as she was leaving her home in Chihuahua. The 54-year-old reported on organized crime, drug trafficking and corruption for national newspaper La Jornada.

La Jornada Reporter Miroslava Breach Gunned Down in Mexico
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Alphonse Maddin: "I disputed my termination from TransAm Trucking and ultimately won. This was a seven-year battle. Seven different judges heard my case. One of those judges found against me. That judge was Neil Gorsuch."

Attorney for "Frozen Trucker": Neil Gorsuch May Have Been Most Hostile Judge I've Ever Encountered
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State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s announcement that she would no longer seek the death penalty in murder cases sparked immediate backlash. A local government employee wrote on Facebook, "Maybe she should get the death penalty. ... She should be tarred and feathered if not hung from a tree."

Florida's First Black State Attorney Faces Death Threats After Refusing Death Penalty for Cop Killer
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Donald Trump has just suffered his first major legislative defeat.

In Major Defeat to Trump & Ryan, House GOP Pulls Bill To Repeal Obamacare
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U.S. Senator Al Franken: "It is absurd to say this company is in its rights to fire him because he made the choice of possibly dying from freezing to death or causing other people to die possibly by driving an unsafe vehicle. That’s absurd. Now, I had a career in identifying absurdity, and I know it when I see it."

Watch: Sen. Al Franken Grills Neil Gorsuch on Frozen Trucker Case in Extended Questioning
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The Trump administration has approved a permit allowing TransCanada to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

Trump Issues Keystone XL Pipeline Permit to TransCanada
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"They are at a cliff right now. And they’re either going to jump over the cliff or not. And there are forces going in both directions right now, which makes it awfully hard to predict what will happen."

Will House Republicans "Jump Off the Cliff" and Cut Healthcare for 24 Million Americans?
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Jane Mayer: "There is a force behind Breitbart News that people don’t realize, and it’s the Mercer family." [ Link ]
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"The truth is, during the Trump campaign, they never used any of their so-called secret psychometric methods. They simply performed like any other kind of data analytics company."

Dark Data: Trump Backers Bankroll Firm Developing Psychological Profiles of Every U.S. Voter
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Reclusive billionaire Robert Mercer is pushing for Art Robinson, a climate change denier who speaks about the positive effects of nuclear radiation, to become Trump's national science adviser.

Dark Money Billionaires Push for Pro-Nuclear Radiation Climate Denier for White House Science Post
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"Most people think Trump was the candidate who did it on his own, had his own fortune… in fact, there was somebody behind the scenes who helped enormously with him." - Jane Mayer, The New Yorker

Jane Mayer on Robert Mercer & the Dark Money Behind Trump and Bannon's Radical Vision
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Democracy Now! is seeking a news savvy early-career journalist for a paid one-year fellowship. Applications accepted through March 28: [ Link ]

News Production Fellowship
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From headlines: More than 6,000 refugees seeking to reach Europe were rescued in the Mediterranean over the last few days, as warming weather leads more people to attempt the dangerous crossing.

6,000 Refugees Rescued in Mediterranean over Last Few Days
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Vigils were held across Ireland Tuesday to mourn the death of politician and former IRA leader Martin McGuinness, who served as the commander of the Irish Republican Army during Northern Ireland’s struggle for independence.

Vigils Held Across Ireland to Mourn Death of Martin McGuinness
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At least five people have died after a car bomb exploded near the presidential palace in Mogadishu. Meanwhile, Radio Mogadishu is reporting at least 26 people have starved to death in the southern region of Jubaland amid a severe drought.

Somalia: 5 Killed in Car Bombing; 26 Starve to Death Amid Risk of Widespread Famine
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The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says a U.S.-led coalition airstrike has killed dozens of civilians after it hit a school near the ISIS-held city of Raqqa.

Syria: Monitor Group Says U.S.-Led Coalition Strike Killed 33 Civilians