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01/20/2017 at 14:24. Facebook
"Rather than leverage our unique experience of peaceful negotiation of the early 1990s, the ANC has opted for a foreign policy that is still rooted in the geopolitics of the 1980s. For the ANC, the Berlin Wall is still up; the world is still split on communism; Russia is great, the West is bad; and Castro and Mugabe are still heroes.

Their foreign policy is inconsistent and archaic, based on...
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BOKAMOSO | SA needs a foreign policy based on facts and principle, not friends and ideology - Democratic Alliance
Democratic Alliance
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The first step on our mission to build an inclusive society is to guarantee universal health care that is free at the point of access to everyone.

Here is how the DA wants to change your next visit to hospitals in South Africa
Democratic Alliance
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After Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh’s attempt to steal the election and remain in power at all costs, we call on Nkoana-Mashabane to make it clear that the South African government and its people are completely opposed to this dictatorial conduct.

Grow a back-bone and do what is right. Summon the Gambian ambassador to South Africa!

Summon the Gambian ambassador to South Africa - Democratic Alliance
Democratic Alliance
01/17/2017 at 11:54. Facebook
The ANC has created more fuss about visits by DA public representatives over the last two months than it has about any other major foreign policy issue facing the continent or the world.

Behind the ANC’s obsession with the DA, is not only their decline in support at home, but the rapid deterioration of their international standing abroad.

We will not be distracted by the ANC’s desperate...
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ANC’s failed foreign policy hurting South Africa - Democratic Alliance
Democratic Alliance
01/16/2017 at 16:47. Facebook
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The statement released today by the Embassy of the Palestinian Authority, and hurriedly echoed by the ANC, is simply inaccurate and most unfortunate.

It is revealing, however, that the Embassy’s statement says that there was an instruction issued not to meet with the DA. We will certainly be following up with them to ascertain exactly who issued this...
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Embassy of the Palestinian Authority statement unfortunate and inaccurate - Democratic Alliance
Democratic Alliance
01/16/2017 at 07:58. Facebook
DA-run Western Cape: Top of the class!

“It is easy to improve pass rates by allowing learners to drop out of the system. It is much more difficult to encourage kids to stay in school, to come early, stay late, or take Saturday classes. Our pass rate, and our retention rate is up – a critical combination for good, credible progress in quality education.”

“It is easy to improve pass rates by...
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In the DA-led Western Cape, there is a “whole of society” approach to improving education. Mfuleni Secondary School is the best example of that.

Teachers, learners and parents committed to an after-school programme. Learners stayed longer, started much earlier in the morning, and worked on weekends.

A remarkable turnaround in just 2 years!
Mmusi Maimane, is currently visiting Israel and the Palestinian Territories in order to listen and learn about the conflict first hand and to discuss how South Africa should be playing a more constructive role in bringing the parties together for peace. He is also there, as a person of deep faith, to visit some of the most important holy places that are of spiritual meaning to him.

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DA Leader Maimane visits Israel and Palestine - Democratic Alliance
"Under Maimane the DA had its best-ever result in the August 2016 municipal elections. It significantly increased its share of the vote, directly at the expense of the ANC."

Five political leaders to watch in 2017
BREAKING: 106 allegedly corrupt JHB licensing centre officials will be arrested in the coming days!

Under an ANC government, between Jan 2008 and Feb 2016, 972 alleged fraudulent transactions at a total value of R14,7 million were identified within the City of Johannesburg.

"I promised to root out corruption in the City of Johannesburg and to bring those responsible for its existence to...
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Close analysis of the 2016 matric results reveals a very high ‘drop-out rate’, leading to speculation that some learners may have been ‘culled’ to inflate the matric pass rate.

According to the Department of Basic Education’s figures, 1 100 877 learners enrolled for Grade 10 in 2014, but only 610 178 enrolled for Grade 12 in 2016. This means that 44,6% of learners either dropped out of the...
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We congratulate all learners who performed well in their National Senior Certificate examinations, and thank the many excellent and dedicated teachers who sacrifice so much to educate our nation’s children.

We would also like to commend the DA-governed Western Cape for its continued improvement across a range of indicators:
We have today written to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies, asking him to recommit to continuing to build trade and investment relations with Taiwan and dismiss the ANC and DIRCO’s reckless and hypocritical statements about Tshwane Executive Mayor, Solly Msimanga’s recent trip to Taiwan.

It has been revealed that in 2014, the department of Trade and Industry undertook an Outward...
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Our work in these cities has just begun, and we are confident that working in cooperation we can turn around the cities we inherited from the ANC. This will take time, precision and maximum effort, but we are committed to doing just that.
The ANC has shown yet again just how little it values job-creating investment in South Africa with its petty, hypocritical attack on the Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, following his visit to Taipei in Taiwan.

With 9 million jobless South Africans, we praise the attempt by Mayor Msimanga to encourage investment in South Africa. This is what our country needs to create jobs and fight...
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"On behalf of the DA, I would like to wish South Africans at home and abroad a 2017 that comes with positive change that contributes to personal and societal advancement." - Mmusi Maimane

May 2017 be the year we continue with the project of Reconciliation and building a country that is united in its diversity.

May 2017 bring positive change and leadership - Mmusi Maimane
We would like to wish all Christian South Africans a Merry Christmas, and all Jewish South Africans a blessed Hanukkah.

"This time of year is a time for joy, love, and laughter.

As we celebrate with family and loved ones, let us not forget the millions of our fellow citizens who are less fortunate than ourselves, and commit to turning our faith into practice in our daily lives, particularly...
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DA wishes all South Africans a happy Festive Season
"Coalition politics unseated the ANC in 15 municipalities – including three metros – across six provinces.

“The level of corruption, neglect, and mismanagement in these municipalities is much more widespread and pervasive than meets the eye,” Maimane said."

5 ways the DA has already changed Joburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay
The DA's audit performance is the peoples' guarantee that money meant for real service delivery where we govern is used for exactly that - improving the lives of all residents, and NOT for lining the pockets of corrupt officials and politicians.
"While 2016 has seen a greater focus on our differences, I do not think that it is a true reflection of South Africa and the work that has been done in building bridges over the last 22-years. There are more among us who continuously work to ensure that our country’s motto of Unity in Diversity is not merely a phrase but a call to build a non-sexist, non-racial and united country for all people."