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Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address cost ordinary South Africans R11 million and counting!

That's R11 million that could have been spent on initiatives to create jobs, provide skills and training or on education for young South Africans.

True cost of SONA revealed: R11 million and counting - Democratic Alliance
Democratic Alliance
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Millions of young South Africans are not in employment, education or training. Our greatest mission is to rescue our children.

Please WATCH and SHARE this to show South Africans that the DA is ready to govern come 2019!
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Today, we will be outside the Balfour Magistrate's Court, as farm murder suspects appear.

There is a desperate need for Rural Safety Units in South Africa, with 30 farm attacks in February 2017 alone. Rural safety is critically important to food security, job security, and sustainable agricultural growth.
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In 2017/18, R14,3 billion will be spent on bloated executives and legislatures across the country, while the South African public will be taxed R16,5 billion in personal income tax alone.

SHARE if you think government needs to cut spending and STOP increasing taxes!
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BREAKING: We have WON in our application to have the ANC-led government’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court set aside as unconstitutional, irrational and procedurally flawed.

This is a victory for the rule of law and for our country’s human rights-based foreign policy which Zuma and his cronies have tried so hard to depart from.

BREAKING: ANC government must rethink the wisdom of ICC withdrawal - Democratic Alliance
Democratic Alliance
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This is 24-year-old Hlomela Bucwa - South Africa's youngest ever Member of Parliament.

Today, she delivered her maiden parliamentary speech. Please WATCH and SHARE!
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Tomorrow, during the Main Budget, you can expect Minister Gordhan to reach into your pocket and help himself to R28 billion.

We say, STOP increasing taxes, start selling assets, cut spending and eliminate waste!
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Today we start a campaign to bring hope to our Lost Generation - the millions of our young South Africans with no job & very little hope for the future.

While Zuma’s ANC breaks Parliament and breaks the Constitution, we have made rescuing the Lost Generation our greatest mission.

Our rescue mission will give young South Africans the skills they need to get a good job and ensure economic...
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A Rescue Mission for the Lost Generation
We note the release by the Competition Tribunal of the Competition Commission’s affidavit against 17 banks, some of whose currency traders are accused of collusion and price fixing.

Should these traders be found to have contravened the Competition Act, and should it be proven that they did so with the knowledge and consent of their financial institutions, they should face the full might of...
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The nomination of Brian Molefe as a Member of Parliament only confirms, for the umpteenth time, that the ANC does not care about fighting corruption.

It only cares about helping itself to public money that should be used to create jobs for the 9 million people without work and the lost generation who have given up hope of ever being employed.

We have already laid criminal charges against...
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The province has the lowest unemployment levels in SA. Business confidence is flourishing and millions of rands are being invested into supporting small business. Land reform projects are performing well and speeding up.

There is still much more work to do, but there is not doubt that in the DA-led Western Cape, there is steady progress towards delivering a better life for all who live in...
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Many questions remain unanswered, and in the name of justice for the deceased and their loved ones, we implore the President to establish such a Judicial Commission of Inquiry without delay.

The lives of those who died at the hands of government in this tragedy are of no less value than the victims of the Marikana Massacre. If Marikana warranted a Judicial Commission of Inquiry – which it...
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Millions of South Africans in our rural communities, farmworkers and farmers alike, exist in a constant state of fear. They fear for their lives and the lives of their families.

Since the beginning of February, 30 farms have come under attack, and 11 people have lost their lives in farm murders across the country.

We have repeatedly called for rural safety units to be re-introduced and will...
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Zuma must announce rural safety units in his SONA reply - Democratic Alliance
WATCH: Geordin Hill-Lewis delivers a fiery speech during day 2 of the SONA debate in Parliament.

"The ANCs message to South Africans now is: you are "less than” us, get to the back of the line, we’re still eating! And, remember, you owe us forever!"
WATCH: Biased Speaker turns blind eye to misogyny and racial slurs from ANC benches

The indiscipline of the ANC caucus cannot be tolerated. Opposition Members of Parliament are entitled to protection from an unbiased Speaker and should be shielded from abusive language and scurrilous, disruptive points of order.
WATCH and SHARE: Mmusi Maimane's SONA debate speech.

"Ours is a dream of a South Africa in which black, white, coloured and Indian all contribute to our nation’s prosperity.

And if 2016 taught us anything, it’s that there is a movement of South Africans who share this dream – who will sweep this government out and bring change."
Baleka Mbete on the disgusting language used during SONA 2017, says "it's not always possible to hear members".

Here it is, loud and clear. Judge for yourself.
WATCH the SONA debate LIVE from Parliament from 14h00.

DA Speakers: Mmusi Maimane, Wilmot James, Jacques Julius, Phumzile van Damme, and John Steenhuisen.

Debate on President’s State of the Nation Address, Joint Sitting, 14 February 2017

Debate on President’s State of the Nation Address, Joint Sitting, 14 February 2017

This is the #LostGeneration. "They are the so-called 'born-free's', but they are everywhere in chains." - Mmusi Maimane

Today, during his SONA reply, Mmusi Maimane will outline our plan for these South Africans. Their future is our future.

You can watch the SONA replies from 14h00 on DSTV408, or the Parliamentary Youtube channel.