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03/26/2017 at 09:39. Facebook
BREAKING: We can today reveal that the government has spent a total of R41,960,075.91 on the procurement of luxury vehicles for Ministers and their Deputies between 2014 and 2017.

The top spenders are:

Department of Rural Development & Land Reform: R5,505,351.65
Department of Transport: R3,453,870.87
Department of Justice: R3,275,138
Department of Public Enterprise:...
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More than R40 million spent on luxury cars for Ministers - Democratic Alliance
Democratic Alliance
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"The judiciary shouldn’t have to rely on SAPS for protection, because SAPS answers to the executive." - Mmusi Maimane

The judiciary is a direct threat to Zuma’s state capture project and he is using all available levers to fight it. For the Zuma mafia, nothing is sacred.

Zuma’s mafia turns to intimidating the judiciary - Mmusi Maimane
Democratic Alliance
03/24/2017 at 08:17. Facebook
It's time to prioritise EDUCATION, build SKILLS and create a GROWING ECONOMY!

The ANC has announced its plan to close 3,257 schools across seven ANC-governed provinces over the next three years!

In the Eastern Cape, where the education system is already in disarray, they plan to close almost 2,000 schools.

It's time for our government to give HOPE to the millions of young South Africans...
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Democratic Alliance
03/23/2017 at 18:05. Facebook
BIG congratulations to DA MP, Stevens Mokgalapa ( right) on his election as the President of the Africa Liberal Network!

As an alliance of 45 African Liberal Democratic organisations and parties spread across 30 African countries , the ALN seeks to share liberal values throughout Africa.

Stevens succeeds former president Olivier Kamitatu Etsu ( left) from Congo.

Well done Stevens...
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Democratic Alliance
03/23/2017 at 12:41. Facebook
Herman Mashaba today launched the City of Johannesburg's 24-hour traffic hotline!

640 dedicated and specialised JMPD officers.
1,500 additional regular JMPD officers.
A focus on 304 high traffic volume points throughout JHB.

☎ 080 872 3342
Democratic Alliance
03/23/2017 at 09:44. Facebook
WATCH: Herman Mashaba at the launch of the 24-hour JHB Traffic Hotline!
Mmusi Maimane - Fighting to build a better future for our youth!

In South Africa, we have an entire generation (+- 6 million) of young South Africans who are not in employment, education or training.

We need to help these young South Africans gain skills for jobs and build a growing economy that creates jobs!
A packed our Woodlands hall in Pietermaritzburg to listen to DA Leader Mmusi Maimane.

South Africa, our land! Change19
The Change19 tour has moved to KZN today!

Mmusi Maimane is on the ground, engaging with residents 1-on-1. Changing minds and changing hearts in Pietermaritzburg
BREAKING: We are shocked at the news that the Office of Chief Justice has been robbed.

This is an attack on our judiciary which we must all condemn. Like the robbery at the HSF, we view this as an act of intimidation.

We call on SAPS and crime intelligence to do everything possible to ensure those who stole from the OCJ are brought to book as soon as possible.

[ Link ]

Office of the Chief Justice robbed
Bathabile Dlamini’s legal counsel admitted before the Constitutional Court that Dlamini “was remiss” in handling the process to take over the distribution of social grants to 17 million poor and vulnerable beneficiaries.

Dlamini must be fired with immediate effect for causing the crisis.

The more the ANC protects Dlamini, the clearer it becomes that the ANC protects those who disregard the...
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Bathabile Dlamini’s own lawyer admits she failed
Our Shadow Minister of Social Development, Bridget Masango, will be at the Constitutional Court today during the SASSA hearing.

This was her spitting fire at Bathabile Dlamini during the SASSA debate in Parliament yesterday.
MUST WATCH: Annette Steyn delivers a passionate speech during the debate on farm attacks in Parliament today.

"We may disagree on the reasons for these murders... but we have to agree that the torture of ANY person by another is inhumane and barbaric."

Annette Steyn - Farm Attacks Debate 2017

DA Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries delivers a speech during the debate on farm attacks. Read her full speech here:

"I will make it my mission to let South Africans know just how big our movement for change really is." - Mmusi Maimane

Mmusi Maimane is coming to a community near YOU!
We have long held that Bathabile Dlamini manufactured the grants payment crisis in order to force SASSA to renew its invalid contract with CPS.

There have also been media reports this weekend that Zuma’s adviser, Michael Hulley, held special meetings with Dlamini and top officials at SASSA to ensure that the contract with CPS is renewed.

Public Protector must investigate relationship between Dlamini and CPS - Democratic Alliance
We have confirmation that no new contract exists between CPS and SASSA for the delivery of social grants come 1 April.

With less than three weeks to go, the livelihoods and well-being of over 17 million of South Africans are being put at risk!
Moving Nelson Mandela Bay forward!

With a strong focus on job creation through economic growth and skills development, this new DA-led coalition has seen unemployment drop to below 30%.
"Together, we will be the change we want to see in South Africa.

But for that to happen, many of you are going to have to be bold and do something you’ve never done before: You’re going to have to put your faith in the DA and not in the ANC.

That’s the only way this country will change. If the DA should disappoint you, then you must take your vote back and lend it to someone else. But first...
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"In less than three weeks' time, millions of South Africans stand to lose their social grants if an urgent solution to the grant payment crisis is not found," said Maimane.

"A third of our people depend on grants to survive," he added as he addressed the march which was joined by disabled people and mothers with young children.

The protesters marched outside the social development ministry,...
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S.Africans march over looming welfare payment crisis
Today, we made it known that we will NOT allow this ANC government to forget the most vulnerable in our society.

Those responsible for the SASSA crisis MUST be held accountable. You cannot put the lives of 17 million South Africans at risk and simply sweep it under the rug.

We are strong when we are together