DGA Chair and Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy on #AHCA failure:

"Who wants to be on record saying I want to take away your insurance for 26 million Americans?"
Larry Hogan is the only top leader in MD who does not oppose #TrumpCare. Why hasn’t he spoken out?

Out on a Limb: Hogan Lone MD Leader Not Opposed to Trumpcare

Watch Gov. Jay Inslee on Morning Joe:
#Trumpcare “is not a replacement, it's a displacement. They are displacing 600,000 people in my state and we will speak vocally against it.” - Governor Jay Inslee, Washington.
Individual health care costs under #TrumpCare will drastically increase in some states with competitive gubernatorial elections next cycle. Democratic governors vow to protect people’s health care.

Will your governor stand up and fight to keep health care costs low?
DGA announces the “Chicken Caucus:” the 15 GOP gov candidates who refuse to take a position on #Trumpcare.

See any familiar faces?
Gov. Roy Cooper made two stops in the mountains Tuesday to talk jobs and education.In the morning Cooper visited McDowell County. In the afternoon he visited Linamar Corporation in Arden, where he talked about his proposed NC Grow program.The plan calls fo

Gov. Cooper visits Linamar in South Asheville

Western Democratic governors are the center of resistance to Trump.

States are “where the action is, where the action can be, and where the action has to be." -Gov. Jay Inslee, Washington

Western Democrats spearhead Trump resistance

Watch this week’s wrap-up video: Democratic governors advocate for education, fight back against Donald Trump
Gov. Terry McAuliffe stood up for voting rights. Yesterday, he vetoed bills that could have disenfranchised qualified voters.

“Moreover, it would expose eligible and properly registered Virginians to the risk of improper disenfranchisement.” - Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Virginia

McAuliffe vetoes bills he says could restrict voting rights

Gov. Jay Inslee continues to fight for all Washingtonians, calling the GOP health care plan a “disaster for Washington.”

“It’s become clear to me that this is a tax cut for the rich masquerading as a health care reform.” -Gov. Jay Inslee, Washington

Gov. Jay Inslee Calls Republican Healthcare Plan 'Disaster For Washington'

Fake News?

First, they censored Facebook commentators, and now Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s staff is blatantly changing headlines to promote their boss.

Hogan's staff alters headline to falsely imply his bill gained support

Democratic governors are on the front lines protecting the states against the GOP’s health care proposal.

"Ripping health care away from thousands of Montanans, cutting off the lifeline to our hospitals, and keeping our taxpayer dollars back in Washington, D.C., is a sucker-punch to rural states like Montana.” -Gov. Steve Bullock, Montana

Daines joins top Montana Dems in criticizing Obamacare replacement | Government |

Gov. Dan Malloy stands strong against Trump, condemning the revised travel ban.

"The bottom line here is that this is choosing to pick on the most defenseless people in the world - refugees.” -Gov. Dan Malloy

Gov. Malloy Again Condemns Trump Administration's Revised Travel Ban

Pacific Northwest governors stand strong in opposition to Trumpcare.

“It would jeopardize the health care of tens of thousands of Washingtonians.” - Gov. Jay Inslee

“It would reduce Oregonians’ access to care and increase costs for women and seniors. I am especially concerned about how this bill would negatively jeopardize our state’s budget and economy, especially in rural Oregon.” -Gov....
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Inslee condemns Obamacare 'defacement,' Brown calls it a step backward - Portland Business Journal

7 of the 10 best states for women are run by Democratic governors.

Democratic governors lead the charge in areas like equal pay, paid family leave, and pre-K.

The Best and Worst States for Women: Ranking Gender Inequality in America

Chance the Rapper rebukes Gov. Rauner, tells him to “Do your job.”

"While I'm frustrated and disappointed in the governor's inaction, that will not stop me from doing all I can to support Chicago's most valuable resource: its children.” -Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper donates $1M to Chicago public schools

As Florida Gov. Scott gives his State of the State today, here is a brief reminder of a few of his greatest hits.
“Democrats building a long-term strategy for retaking power in Congress and the states are counting on winning big in statehouse races over the next two years.”

The 2017-2018 governors races are critical to the fight against Donald Trump and the reckless Republican agenda.

Dems plot long-term success on 2018 govs' races

Illinois’ unpaid bills topped $12 billion last month. Unwilling to compromise, Gov. Bruce Rauner can now mark 610 days without a budget.

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