Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!
Senator Sherrod Brown pushes back against Donald Trump’s radical choice for Attorney General.
Thank you, Michelle Obama.
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Republicans are in for the fight of their lives if they want to cut Medicare.
“To Democrats, I say it has never been more important to stand up for the things we believe in.”

Harry Reid: Farewell, Fair Senate

Democrats will never back down on protecting Social Security and Medicare.
“Harry, we’ve had a good run. You and I, we’ve fought the good fight and we did it together.” - President Obama
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Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: "We are going to fight and push back. And we're going to show who we are as a nation, regardless of who the president is and regardless of who he appoints. We are going to show what this country is made of and that's standing up for what we believe in."

Sen. Gillibrand Prepares to 'Push Back Hate'

Racism, bullying and bigotry have no place in America.
2 years ago, President Obama acted so communities across the country could stay whole. More than ever, we must stand against Trump’s pledge to deport millions of immigrants.
New voices will be heard in the most diverse Congress in history!

One small sign of progress: the number of women of color in the Senate quadrupled

Our spirit of resilience will keep us fighting.
Congrats Maggie Hassan on your hard-fought victory in New Hampshire!
Kamala Harris broke barriers to carry on Barbara Boxer’s legacy, becoming the first Indian American and second black woman ever elected to the Senate.