The Affordable Care Act became law 7 years ago today. Here’s the coverage Americans gained from it (#ThanksObama):
What will the Republican health care plan cost you? [ Link ]
FBI investigation into Trump campaign’s ties to Russia must move forward without obstruction.
GOP plan "trades health care for the poor for tax cuts for the rich." What happened to “insurance for everybody”?

Trading Health Care for the Poor for Tax Cuts for the Rich
Our Democratic women senators always resist and persist to fight on the frontlines for us.
Senator Patty Murray refuses to let Trump's nominees escape without scrutiny.

A Mild-Mannered Woman From Washington Is The Democrats' Deadliest Weapon
Stick it to Mitch McConnell (literally) >> show him like Elizabeth Warren, we will PERSIST [ Link ]
Senate Democrats are standing up for our students. Need one more GOP Senator to do the same.

DeVos nomination stands at 50-50
Chris Van Hollen: "When I called...they refused to say whether he had been released or was still in custody. Shame on you, Donald Trump...We must remain vigilant and fight back.”

5-Year-Old Has Heart-Wrenching Reunion With Mom After Airport Detention
Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!
Senator Sherrod Brown pushes back against Donald Trump’s radical choice for Attorney General.
Thank you, Michelle Obama.
Welcome to our new Democratic Senators! Show you have their backs for the fights ahead → [ Link ]
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Up to speed on 2016 and the road ahead? Take our short quiz and see how you stack up!
Republicans are in for the fight of their lives if they want to cut Medicare.
“To Democrats, I say it has never been more important to stand up for the things we believe in.”

Harry Reid: Farewell, Fair Senate
Democrats will never back down on protecting Social Security and Medicare.