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Lebanese Society of Prosthodontics annual meeting at the Hilton metropolitan in Beirut with Giacomo Fabbri and Maurizio Sedda
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Dr Maurizio Sedda lecturing in Beirut in front of the Lebanese Society of Prosthodontics
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Pr Louis Hardan after his lecture in his alma mater #usjbeirut about #mdpsmilelite congratulated by the dean Pr Nada Naaman
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Dental diode lasers have already proved their worth in many dental treatments

Precise and more conservative surgery with blue wavelength lasers - Dental News
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The 8th international convention of the Lebanese Prosthodontic Society will be held at the Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace February 24th and 25th 2017
Keep in mind that no registration for the congress will be on-site , so please book your place for the upcoming event @ the LDA 01-611222 or 611555
You can also see it on the website
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Dr. Milad Shadrooh Singing Dentist is known to promote oral health through parodies and sketches

Singing Dentist's parody of Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' goes viral for all the right reasons
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The Saudi Dental Society and Excellence Dental invite you to the Dental Practice Management Workshop 3 - 5 March 2017 - Mariott Hotel, Riyadh / Saudi Arabia.

Dental Practice Management Workshop - Riyadh

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White capped #mountlebanon #sunshine #mountsannine with snow
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With the increase demand of esthetic materials, all ceramic restoration appeared and replaced old ceramo-metal restorations.

Wear behaviour and surface roughness of Polymer infiltrated ceramic material Compared to pressable glass ceramic - Dental News
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riding on the snowy #mountlebanon
Dental News Volume XXIII, Number II, June, 2016 By Dr. Ahmad Hajar, Faculty of dentistry, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon ...

Tooth Size Discrepancy Importance As a Diagnostic Tool for Orthodontic Treatment Planning: A Review
Prof Angelo Putignano lecturing about adhesive restorations #aeedc2017 #estheticdentistry #aeedcdubai
Photos from the #AEEDC2017 #AEEDCDUBAI
Hossam Ghaly at the Mectron booth during the #aeedc2017 #aeedcdubai demonstrating the Combi touch unit
Dr Giuseppe Luongo, president of the #DigitalDentistrySociety talking about the #moderndentaloffice #aeedc2017 #giuseppeluongo
Prof Jaafar Mouhyi talking about guided surgery using #3dmetallicprinting technology #aeedc2017 #aeedcdubai
14th Global Scientific Dental Alliance meeting