Ladies, tomorrow is a brand new year which calls for major celebration! What are your plans this #NewYearsEve?
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For all those celebrating #Christmas today, we wish you the happiest of days with plenty of #DentyneSmiles!
It's almost that time of year again, ladies! What are your #NewYearsResolutions?
It's almost #holiday time! What is your best beauty tip when on vacation?
Fresh strawberries & Dentyne Strawberry (for on-the-go!) are just the pals we need for a tasty picnic treat this Summer! LIKE if you agree!
Happines is: a magical summer sundowners with your bestie during the holidays. #DentyneSmile
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With all the parties and delicious eats this festive season, don't forget your guilt-free Dentyne to keep those teeth pearly white!
Battle of the delicious flavours! Which Dentyne flavour is your ultimate on-the-go companion? #Chooseday
"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change." - Taylor Swift. #MondayMotivation #DentyneSmile
Keeping a healthy smile is important not only for our overall health, but our confidence too. What are your fave tips to keep those pearly whites squeaky clean? #FlossingDay
Xylitol increases absorption of calcium in the digestive system which is great for your teeth. Dentyne contains Xylitol. You're welcome.
Hiking not only gets us closer to nature and makes us more fit, but it has the power to make us smile even wider. What is your go-to exercise regime? #TakeAHikeDay
There are two kinds of people: those who prefer minty flavours and those who prefer fruity flavours. Which one are you? #Chooseday
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The everyday girl's guide to Fridays: lipgloss & Dentyne Strawberry! #Dentyne #HappyFriday
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