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Live to Express,
Not to impress...
Let your Jeans be a self expression of your style.

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You gotta wear the right trousers if you're gonna be a rock star...

#RightTrouser #DerbyJeans #RockStar

No need to think outside the box,
Simply realise there is no box.

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Till you have a personality,
Wear a personality.
Don't live to impress others
Instead make your life a self expression...

#WearAPersonality #DerbyJeans #SelfExpression

Even if the world does not believe in you,
You need to believe in yourself.
Because even if the world believes in you,
And you don't believe in yourself,
Then even God cannot help you...

#100%NaturalCotton #DerbyJeans #BeYourBestSelf

One world , one life , one belief...
Birth was not my choice,
Death will not be by my choice,
But the quality of life I live in between the two intervals will be my choice!
I choose to raise above and lift the world around me , be useful to others, spread happiness and be a blessing to my world...

#Raise #DerbyJeans #LeaveAMark

Don't fall in LOVE, rise in LOVE❤❤❤

One generation worked together and gave us Independent India.
You and me can be next generation that works togeather and put India, truly on top of the world.

For its not enough to be proud of India.
Let's strive to become such an Indian; India can be proud of.

Fashion partner -Derby Jeans Community
Presents Illayathalapthy Vijay in

Fashion partner - Derby Jeans Community presents :
Superstar Illayathalapthy Vijay in "Bairavaa".

Do you want to live like a typical 25 year old?
Or Do you want to live a life that other 25 year old will look upto?
The choice is yours...
#LifeChoices #DerbyJeans #MakeAMark