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Lee Benson says: On nearly a daily basis, Russ Fjeldsted, at 84, still drops by The Sportsman, the store his family has owned in one incarnation or another for the past 70 years.

About Utah: Outdoor retailer is happy right where he is
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"Coding just seems fun. They don't even realize they're learning. But we're not just playing games, we're building skills."
— Tech coach/coding instructor Tracy Fike

Starting in kindergarten, Park City schoolchildren learn computer coding under unique initiative
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Visitors braved the rain during Lagoon's opening day in Farmington on Saturday.

According to a tweet from the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City, the airport recorded 1.97 inches of precipitation since midnight Friday, making Saturday the sixth-wettest day on record.
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Here's what LeVar Burton ("Star Trek" and "Reading Rainbow") had to say at RootsTech.

Having a multicultural experience at RootsTech and learning 'we are connected'
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Are there lessons to be learned from an unfathomable crime?

Deseret News Editor Doug Wilks posed that question to reporter McKenzie Romero, who reported on the preliminary hearing this week.

Inside the newsroom: A shocking Utah story captures the nation
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An invited contingent of about 150 people witnessed a crane lifting the iconic statue to its lofty perch.

Rome's newest resident: Angel Moroni statue placed atop LDS temple in Italy
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If it seems an odd twist of fate for a man steeped in academia to land here, there is symmetry to it. Holland is just two generations removed from swinging a pick and carrying a lunch box to work.

A family story: UVU President Matt Holland staying true to his roots
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Coach Kalani Sitake didn’t mince words when evaluating his quarterback's performance Saturday.

Tanner Mangum deals with rainy, sloppy conditions again in BYU's spring scrimmage
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What can we do about rude people?

"The key is not to give away our day, our mood, our self-respect, or our inner peace to others." — Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Music and the Spoken Word

Music and the Spoken Word: A choice we make
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During her remarks, Sister Linda K. Burton thanked Relief Society sisters — who now number 7.1 million in 188 countries — for their service.

Focus on life, teachings of Jesus Christ, LDS women counseled during General Women's Session
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"You go from thinking of yourself as primarily an individual, to suddenly being a mother, first and foremost.” — Duchess Kate

Duchess Kate opens up about the ‘overwhelming experience’ of motherhood
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Stories of mismanaged money by players makes reduced schedule unlikely. Then there's the behind-the-scenes employees who are just working to meet their everyday obligations.

Brad Rock: Pay cuts can shorten NBA season, but who can afford it?
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Ennis Gibbs is a registered Republican who lives in Woodland, Utah and has voted for a Republican president every election since 1968.

"However, let’s face it, enough is enough," he writes in the Deseret News Opinion section.

Op-ed: Politicians need to be voted out
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What is your favorite part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints General Women's Session?

Watch Live: 187th Annual General Conference
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"It definitely took courage, it was such a frightening time. I thought that somebody would follow me and forcibly take me back." — Anna LeBaron, daughter of polygamy cult leader Ervil LeBaron

Escape from madness: Walking away from a cult of killers
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How collagen can provide insight into arthritis and injuries.

New research could help detect tissue damage
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The standoff began after a shooting was reported on Las Vegas Boulevard in the heart of the Strip near the Cosmopolitan hotel-casino.

1 dead on Vegas Strip shooting, gunman barricaded on bus
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"In our fragility as a congregation, we can become more attentive to the many fragilities that surround us and transform them into a blessing," Francis said.

Pope visits Milan housing project; urges compassion for poor