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We completed our recent Australasian tour at Earth Frequency Festival with this uber talented crew of Australian performers and musicians. It was such an amazing collaboration and a pleasure to work with all of them!! Special thanks to Michelle Ma Belle for coordinating all the performers and costumes. Looking forward to seeing the video!!
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02/23/2017 at 20:43. Facebook
NEW RELEASE on Desert Trax: In case you missed the announcement last week, we are so happy to welcome Wolf Tech to the Desert Trax family with his new 5 track ep called "Another Day."

Available now on all music sites:
Bandcamp: [ Link ]

Beatport: [ Link ]

iTunes: [ Link ]

Amazon: [ Link ]

"Another Day is an exploration through time, space...
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OK, one more our Summer Camp Music Festival debut!
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02/23/2017 at 17:02. Facebook
the big fest announcements keep rolling. see you in July Camp Bisco!
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never thought we'd be saying: we'll be joining Ani DiFranco & Tipper at ARISE Music Festival! ✌
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hard at work on Desert Dwellers: Beyond for SONIC BLOOM
The UNTZ featured the new Wolf Tech ep "Another Day" we just released on our label Desert Trax.

Wolf Tech drops new EP on Desert Dwellers' Desert Trax label
playing Alchemy Rising Music & Arts Festival May 12-14 in Medina, OH!
NEW RELEASE: We are honored to welcome Wolf Tech to the Desert Trax label family with his new stunning 5 track ep called "Another Day."

Available now on Desert Trax Bandcamp: [ Link ]

"Another Day is an exploration through time, space and sound. It invites the user to escape from the material world and enter a spiritual realm, roaming with multi dimensional frequencies and super...
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Another Day, by Wolf Tech
we'll be back home in New Mexico over Memorial Day Weekend at Wind Rider Mountain Festival!!! β›·
New full length album recently released from Kai Altair, featuring her original music remixed by Desert Dwellers, David Starfire Music, Govinda, Kaminanda, Living Light, HΓ„ANA, Erothyme, Sera Solstice, Haj i Ji, and Joro Boro.

Bandcamp: [ Link ]

SoundCloud: [ Link ]
OMG! Do we need say more?
#TBT w/Alex Grey & Allyson Grey in Athens
we will be reunited this month in Seattle!!
thrilled to announce Desert Dwellers: Beyond at Earth Frequency Festival with Deya Dova & Sacred Circus Entertainment!!!

shot/edited by Burning Sage
Dakini Festival is a world full of magic, rising in the wilderness on the Romanian Black Sea coastline, on the virgin lands of Tuzla Beach, Constanta. 4 days & nights of music, speakers & workshops, art installations and more. One of Eastern Europe's biggest yoga villages featuring some of the world's most inspiring and creative minds. 100+ artists on 3 stages featuring an ideal mixture of...
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Dakini Festival 2017

Illuminatrix Photography & Video captured our SF performance featuring Meagan Chandler, HΓ„ANA, Drumspyder, Anthony Flowers Ward, Lea Iman Naga Devi & Marlowe Bassett!
Last chance to get $25 Red Rocks tickets for May 6!
Tix: [ Link ]
VERY LIMITED $25 early birds up now for our Red Rocks show.
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