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#Onthisday, 1723 | St Paul's Cathedral architect, #ChristoperWren, dies - St. Paul's Cathedral
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#Onthisday, 1955 | Co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs was born. Visit #DesignerMakerUser [ Link ]
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#Onthisday, 1987 | Iconic American pop-art artist, Andy Warhol dies. #artists #graphics
The history behind #FontSunday | Looking Past Words: Twitter Movement Helps People Notice Typefaces via @WBUR News [ Link ]

Join the Design Museum on Twitter next Sunday to get involved.

Looking Past Words: Twitter Movement Helps People Notice Typefaces
#Onthisday, 1993 | Ferruccio Lamborghini, creator of luxury sports car #Lamborghini dies.
#FearandLove exhibition - runs until 23 April | This is Minus- Madeline Gannon's living, breathing mechanical creature. Minus can sense and respond to your presence as you near her enclosure. Despite our fears and anxieties surrounding robotics, do we have the power to foster empathy & companionship between ourselves and machines? View this #FacebookLive coverage from BBC News

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The Design Museum is delighted to announce it has welcomed a quarter of a million visitors since moving to its new home in Kensington.
Did you catch #FontSunday ? | Sunday's theme was Letraset hosted by Mike Daines & International Society of Typographic Designers - ISTD​. Visit the museum on Twitter to see the highlights and get involved next weekend.
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Last chance to see | The free pop-up exhibition, #NEWOLD closes this Monday. Catch it before it's too late [ Link ]
#OnThisDay, 1926 | Danish furniture and interior designer, Verner Panton was born. Read about his iconic cantilevered Panton Chair here: [ Link ]
Last chance to book | Beazley #DesignsoftheYear will be coming to a close next Sunday [ Link ]
#Onthisday, 1909 | The world's first synthetic plastic is developed. Belgian-American Chemist, Leo Baekeland creates #Bakelite
Thank you to all those of have voted | Joto is the Beazley Public Vote Design of the Year. Which design did you vote for? You can still catch the Beazley Design of the Year exhibition before it ends on the 19 February 2017. [ Link ]
1898, #Onthisday | One of the first architects of Nordic modernism, Alvar Aalto was born. Find out more in #DesignandDesigners here: [ Link ]
Parabola Guest Chef Series | [ Link ]
Visit Parabola restaurant for their Guest Chef Series. Vicki & Terence Conran will present classic Conran family recipes over two special evenings on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 February. Book now.

SUPERLOCAL 0 miles production tour | [ Link ]
Saturday 18 February 2017, 11:00 - 17:00
Join a local production tour around Kensington for a hands-on workshop where you can make your own stool. Participants will visit a creative community of suppliers, manufacturers and fabrication spaces to learn about traditional and digital techniques of making. They will then get the chance to create...
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#Onthisday | In 1958, the #Lego brick was patented. There are now enough Lego bricks worldwide to build 10 towers from the Earth to the Moon.
And the winner is.... | [ Link ]
Better Shelter is the Beazley Design of the Year. The winner was announced last night at the official awards ceremony. To see a full list of the category winners visit the Design Museum website. Also, check out the museum's Twitter feed to see the winners speeches on Periscope.

Beazley Designs of the Year
#Onthisday | the first #Apple McIntosh Computer went on sale. View Apple’s evolution at #designermakeruser [ Link ]