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2017 AIGA | the professional association for design medalist Rebeca Mendez works to find design solutions that ebb the momentum of climate change

Rebeca Mendez: (im)migration
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OBSERVED: Norway has redesigned its banknotes: here's a preview. (Via Kevin Hicks.)

New banknote series
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OBSERVED: 10 notebooks for designers. (And they‘re not all Moleskines.)

10 of the best notebooks for designers
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OBSERVED: How a photo of a tour van became a “lovely graphic tool” in the hands of Pentagram‘s Harry Pearce

Pentagram’s Harry Pearce: “Design takes a backseat” in Pink Floyd Records branding - Design Week
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Her Story Meets His Story: Janet Bennett, Charles Kratka, and the LAX Murals. Louise Sandhaus shines some light on a worthy subject.

Her Story Meets His Story: Janet Bennett, Charles Kratka, and the LAX Murals
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OBSERVED: The US Supreme Court rules that design elements can be copyrighted...if you're a cheerleader. [ Link ]

Supreme Court rules basic design elements can be copyrighted
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OBSERVED: Black + blue + swoosh = space logo. Cosma Schema wants to blast this to outer space.

Are you a spaceflight company? You may want to rethink your logo
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OBSERVED: All of Frida Kahlo‘s anguish, beauty, and pain in, what else, 160 FridaMoji: [ Link ]

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OBSERVED: An exhibition on the visual history of protest opens tomorrow at the Imperial War Museum in London.

People Power: Fighting for Peace
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Undercover Branding: The Stories Behind 20 Publishing House Logos

Undercover Branding: The Stories Behind 20 Publishing House Logos
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OBSERVED: Roman Mars ranks government logos:

Government Logos From Best to Worst, Ranked by Roman Mars
OBSERVED: Ciao, ragazzi! E grazie, Delta!

How Delta and Alessi Brought High Design to 30,000 Feet
OBSERVED: At the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, artistic expressions of mathematics over seven centuries

Artistic Expressions of Math Over Seven Centuries
“Most of our clients come in with a problem — and it’s often not actually the problem at all,” says Lee Moreau of Continuum. “And it’s only through the consumer research and the analysis that we can uncover what the fundamental problem was.“ [ Link ]

S2E4: Lee Moreau
OBSERVED: Forget the spoonful of sugar. It'll taste better in a spoon shaped like this:

How the Design of Your Spoon Can Enhance the Taste of Food | Architectural Digest
OBSERVED: On the 50th anniversary of his iconic poster for Bob Dylan, an interview with Milton Glaser

A Conversation With Milton Glaser As His Iconic, Psychedelic Bob Dylan Poster Turns 50
OBSERVED: Subversive #design ideas for a Trump border wall

6 Ways to Sneak Subversive Design Into Trump’s Border Wall
OBSERVED: Design is still having a moment! More here:

John Maeda: If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code
Start your day with inspiration! Debbie Millman talks to Connie Birdsall about designing some of the most successful brands of our time and what to do when a meeting with clients is not going well. "The first thing is to just not get defensive. The other thing, you just need to go through the meeting quicker." [ Link ]

Design Matters with Debbie Millman: Connie Birdsall