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OBSERVED: The Batbot Xtreme takes toy design to another level

How Fisher-Price Toy Designers Channel Their Inner 4-Year-Old
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OBSERVED: “Instead of asking what the design should look like, I wish we’d asked, ‘What can we do for you?’” What Robert Hammond learned from the High Line.

The High Line's Biggest Issue—And How Its Creators Are Learning From Their Mistakes
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OBSERVED: "Design is not an object or thing. Design is not taste.” An interview with Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic

Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic: ‘Objects reveal a lot about the way we live, who we are, what we value’
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The career you inherit vs. the career you design

The Shape of Now
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OBSERVED: Gerald Haltom‘s original 1958 sketches for the peace symbol

See the Original 1958 Sketches for the Peace Symbol
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OBSERVED: Ugly buildings always photograph better at night (and other confessions of a former design magazine editor)

Confessions of a Former Design Magazine Editor
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Judging #book + #cover #design for 94 years #AIGA5050. FINAL deadline Friday. #EnterNow!

AIGA - 50 Books | 50 Covers
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OBSERVED: How The Daily Heller redefined the design world

How Steven Heller Redefined the Design Industry
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Co-Teaching with Eustace Tilley: What the @NewYorker can teach us about understanding images

Co-Teaching with Eustace Tilley
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OBSERVED: Happy President‘s Day...? 10 times Trump stirred up the design & architecture world. (And counting.)

10 times Donald Trump caused a stir in the architecture and design community
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OBSERVED: As the White House aims to stifle climate science, cities cooperate globally and plan locally, standing up to climate change.

Building a city that can stand up to climate change
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There is a fine line between cultural hegemony and cultural representation. As a designer, does the work we create subjugate and presume superiority over another culture, or does it attempt to authentically represent it?

A look back at Jennifer Morla: El Museo Mexicano, 1995
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OBSERVED: Donald Judd on the relationship of artists and politics, 1970

Local History: Donald Judd's Response for The Artist and Politics,1970 - Judd Foundation
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OBSERVED: The crude, vulgar, and celebrated art of Jean Dubuffet.

Jean Dubuffet in the rough
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OBSERVED: Why symbols matter

Why Symbols Matter
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OBSERVED: Fast Company‘s list of 2017‘s most innovative companies is out!

Announcing The 2017 World's 50 Most Innovative Companies
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OBSERVED: The most despised piece of furniture in the world has a name: Peggy

Why Does This One Couch From West Elm Suck So Much?
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OBSERVED: "A Bug‘s Life" meets "Mulan" and takes the form of this chair.

A Cushy Chair Inspired by Samurai Armor and Insects - Core77
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OBSERVED: In the New Yorker this week, Design Observer contributor Rob Walker reviews the new Netflix series on #design

Celebrating Design Without Contending with It
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“I try to weave together a sense of time passing” — Jade Doskow on her work "Lost Utopias" documenting the often haunting remains of World’s Fair sites.

Lost Utopias