Desiring God
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We only shy away from asking God for what we need because we forget that he has a Father’s heart for us. He loves to hear our voice in prayer, and open heaven’s stores.

The Stone and the Snake (Poem About Prayer)
Desiring God
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Religion says, “I can work off my guilt.” But Jesus says, “I canceled your guilt at the cross.”

Jesus Is Precious Because He Removes Our Guilt
Desiring God
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God is the judge, not us. Our duty is to obey God, not play God.

If Babies Go to Heaven, Why Oppose Abortion?
Desiring God
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“It’s not about getting what I want; it’s about God giving me what I desperately need: himself.”

When God Does the Miracle We Didn’t Ask For
Desiring God
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God says we need the broken, the hurting, and the messy among us just as much as we need the spiritually mature. Let him use the messiness in your life to make you and others more like him.

God Shines Most in Our Messiness
Desiring God
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Piper: “What is the deepest root of your joy: What God gives to you? Or what God is for you?”

What Is the Deepest Root of Your Joy? (Christian Hedonism in Two Minutes)
Desiring God
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You are immortal in this life until God’s purposes for you are complete.

Does God Know the Exact Day I Will Die?
Desiring God
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Desiring God
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How do average people have any confidence that God has spoken in the Bible? God, by his Spirit, begins to show us everything there is to see in these pages.

How Can You Know the Bible Is True?
Desiring God
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We will only persevere in prayer when we’re convinced of what God is capable of, and of what we are up against. Do not lose heart, and do not give up, until God grants the breakthrough you seek.

The Key to Spiritual Breakthrough
Desiring God
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Piper: “If there is anything admirable, if there is anything worthy of praise in the universe, it is summed up supremely in Jesus Christ. Let us press on to know the supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things.”

Press on to Know the Supremacy of Christ (Sermon Clip)
Desiring God
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The more you taste the sweet joys of Jesus, the more will sin taste bitter to your soul. Fight Satan’s taunts with God’s pleasures.
Desiring God
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Death to self is the center of marriage’s gravitational pull, not personal gratification. Radical selflessness will always bring the greatest joy, the deepest pleasure, and the truest purpose.

Your Marriage Is Not About You
Desiring God
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“Sin and dysfunction will spread without correction, but without love, correction may do just as much harm.” And four other practical ways to grow as a leader, wherever you lead.

Keep Learning to Lead
Desiring God
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Satan is slaying as many people with pornography as with persecution. Fight like your eternity depends on it.

1 Peter 5:8–9: Can Satan Devour Christians?
Desiring God
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Imagine how different your workplace might be if it was marked by the fruit of the Spirit. It starts with you.

Six Ways God’s at Work in You — At Work
Desiring God
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God draws his straightest lines from life’s greatest pains to our deepest joys. When trials assault our surface pleasures, we consider afresh our sweetest treasures.

The Priceless Gift in Every Trial
Desiring God
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Do not let sin linger in your life. God gave you specific weapons to kill sin and its deception.

Romans 8:12–13 : Put Sin to Death
Desiring God
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Piper: “You can read theology ten hours a day for forty years and not know God as beautiful and all-satisfying.”
Desiring God
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Do you want to attack the ultimate essence of evil in our world, and in your own heart? Find your soul’s delight, above all else, in Jesus Christ.

Don’t Lose Your Taste for God (Two-Minute Clip)