Explore our latest experiment with Mount Kimbie to make #TrainTrax, the world's first moving (and heaviest!) sequencer.
What happens when you transform a 10 ton train into a moving musical experiment and challenge Mount Kimbie to throw a gig on that train? #TrainTrax
Make some space - this party crowd is ready to DANCE!
Music? Check. Desperados? Check. Time to get this party started!
Feel the rhythm of the night.
Music makes you dance all night!
Check out Desperados Drop Labs collaboration with TQD. For more footage click here > [ Ukf.me Link ]
Make a 360 yourself when the bass drops in zero gravity! #bassdrop
The world's first music festival in zero gravity by Desperados #bassdrop, #desperados
Witness the world's first festival in zero gravity. #bassdrop #tapforsound

Discover more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
What's it like to DJ at the world's first festival in zero gravity? #bassdrop #tapforsound

Discover more here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
WARNING: Party people are on their way!
Put your hands up, get on the floor!
Life is shining. Life is thriving in the good life!
Taking the party with you, wherever you go.
Jump if you're ready to make some noise.
Wake up! Zum Frühstück servieren wir heute Chop Suey: Live am NOVA ROCK Festival 2017 - System of a Down!
I <3 Stress, I <3 Bilderbuch, I <3 Live ➻ [ Bit.ly Link ]
Für alle Fans von handgemachter Musik mit erdigem Blues: Seasick Steve kommt wieder nach Wien!

Coldplay-Fans, es gibt noch VIP-Tickets und ticketPLUS+ Bus-Karten ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]