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You heard me! w/ @adamw @jillyanais (tag someone like this)
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Follow @mufzwear They out here saving beat up, old headphones one pair at a time. Got a cover for your phone then get a cover for your headphones!
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Hot Neighbor SEASON 2 - COMING Sunday January 29th! Follow @hotneighbor to see the entire Season 1, updates and behinds the scenes of season 2.
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Hold up! why they try to spread the ppl out knowing they can fit in 2 sections.
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HOW TO AVOID AN ASS WHOOPING! Part 4 w/ @official_janina @kingkeraun #tb
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"baby....get my gun!" HOT Neighbor - Season 2 ⚡COMING SOON⚡
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Damn @dajjordanuk killed Tsunami it's its LIVE on iTunes now.
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Secret project!
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Borrowing is THAT serious! w/ @itsdonbenjamin @lovestassia (tag someone who borrows your things without asking)
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If I ever need a homie to have my back I'm calling this dude. Big ass lions! Tamed or not...He ain't even flinch with Jungle Book ass!
Happy Bday to the GOAT. We'll never forget the work you put in.
Ballin on a Budget! w/ @splack @official_janina @tayylor_stevens (Tag someone like this)
Think Fast! w/ @christianjames_official @official_janina
Look at me now, OH! Fresher than a m*thaf*cka!
You've faced judgement, adversity and made the most difficult decisions. Until 8 years ago many people didn't believe we could be President. You are living proof that we can do and be anything. You and Michelle will always be the first to bring soul to the White House. Your legacy will live forever in our great nation. The true example of a leader. @barackobama you'll be missed. So long,...
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How to get girls to cook ‍ w/ @official_janina @jillyanais @tayylor_stevens #TsunamiChallenge
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