Detroit Swindle
03/24/2017 at 15:36. Facebook
On that afro tip! #newthangs
Detroit Swindle
03/23/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Today we welcome Miss Odyssey into the Detroit Swindle family. ❤
Listening sesh with the real muscle behind DS; Sonja & Samir! Tracks approved!
As you (hopefully) know, we're constantly working on making our liveshow better. caught up with us in Chicago about our new setup and working with only hardware.

Check the full article here: [ Link ]

Detroit Swindle on Building a Live Rig Without a Laptop | Reverb Interview

Detroit Swindle is breaking out from behind their laptop in favor of hardware, reinventing their live performance. Watch as they give us a rundown of how the...

Memories of Sydney. The track is our Voyager Mix of Shy Luv's Shock Horror. It will drop soon on Black Butter Records
After being downunder for a while, it's good to be back in the studio!
Today we vote for not only the future of our country but also it's role in the future of others, Europe and the rest of the world. We urge everyone to go out and vote sincerely not strategically.


Maarten & Lars
Since we had so much fun, this is all we managed to record! Thank you Sydney, seems like Days Like This festival is here to stay! ❤
The squad today Octave One, Stimming & Los Swindelos. See you at Days Like This Festival in a little bit.
Wow, Queenstown, that was special. ❤ Electric Rush
Trying a Pine Bud drink for the first time! It's goood! So was Sonnendeck! Thanks to everyone involved, it was really special! ❤
And while we're in Korea, on the other side of the globe our remix of the new Shy Luv record dropped! Hope ya'll dig it!


Shy Luv, JONES - Shock Horror (Detroit Swindle's Late Night Mix) [Audio] - YouTube

Lars Dales shared a video

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! #southkorea
Much extra! #seoul
Thank you Dublin, always a pleasure! XOYO tonight with Project Pablo & Osunlade!
We're so ready for our all-nighter at District 8 in Dublin tonight!

Circulation - Ex-Tempo

It's all about the FX! #drive #heat #octave #harmonizer
Trying out the new Elektron Analog Heat on some new material! Sounds dope! #muycaliente
Pratersauna, Vienna tonight! We're on at 02:00! If Maarten ever comes down from the pole...