Detroit Swindle
01/22/2017 at 09:48. Facebook
Guess you finally hit the bigtime when someone gets a tattoo with your logo! @michedj16 you get guestlist for life! ????
Detroit Swindle
01/20/2017 at 15:54. Facebook
Added new music by isolée, DJ Boring, Letherette, Lay-Far & Urulu to our 22tracks playlist!


Maarten & Lars

Tip22 House
Detroit Swindle
01/19/2017 at 12:02. Facebook
Waking up in Amsterdam this morning! #siradam
Detroit Swindle
01/18/2017 at 15:24. Facebook
Cooking up something new! #newshit #lyd #dynaudio
Detroit Swindle
01/17/2017 at 15:55. Facebook
Happy to be back in the studio! Amazing how much can happen when you just start somewhere, ending up somewhere completely different! Cant even to begin to express how much fun this is! ????
That time Dynaudio dropped in on us jamming in our little mancave! #dynaudio #lyd
Our home away from home: BAR! That was fun, again! Got drunk, again! On our way to somewhere else, again! We'll be playing at Elysia in Basel tonight. See you there!
Off to BAR, Rotterdam where we play at 2- 5 after buddy Maxi Mill! #roffa
Eureka moment today! Finally figured out how to fully sequence our Analog rytm from the Toraiz! Step 1 in losing the laptop! #liveshow #rytm #toraiz #mx1
Merry New Year from Guru Swindle and his loyal subjects! #2017
We're taking a little touring hiatus untill the 6th of January so we can finally catch up on some sleep and some QT with all the babes in the studio! See you all soon! XO
Just a little mix to hold you over untill 2017! #gezellig

Detroit Swindle maakte deze exclusieve NYE-mix voor ons | Thump
Merry xmas everyone! See you all in 2017!
Heist X Concrete | Paris | 23 December
Man, this year's almost coming to a close. This weekend was a great example of what is to come in 2017 (we hope at least). So dope to meet Kelli (K-HAND) and what a pleasure to do two Heist nights in 1 weekend. Playing and drinking with Maurits (Nachtbraker) was a rare treat as well! See you all at our last gig of the year at CONCRETE this Friday!

Heist Recordings @ Concrete: [
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We like to make you move! See you tonight at Claire Us and K-HAND in the main, Max Abysmal & Boguy in the 2nd! #dancebandbyboogie
Nottingham, lets 'ave ya! #terribletuesday