Detroit Swindle
02/25/2017 at 20:02. Facebook
Pratersauna, Vienna tonight! We're on at 02:00! If Maarten ever comes down from the pole...
Detroit Swindle
02/23/2017 at 14:09. Facebook
Detroit Swindle
02/21/2017 at 12:04. Facebook
Once again we've updated our Tip22 list over at 22tracks! New tracks by Mount Liberation Unlimited, Duke Hugh, Jamie Threetwosix, Massimiliano Pagliara & Chelou!



Tip22 House
Detroit Swindle
02/20/2017 at 16:15. Facebook
This might just have been the best night we've ever had in our hometown! Thnx to Soundstream and Fouk for stellar sets! But most of all:

Dank je wel Amsterdam, wat een liefde!

❤ ❌❌❌ ❤
Thank you Berlin! Das war einfag der hammer! Thnx to Snacks for the vid! Off to Ams where we welcome Soundstream and Fouk at our Heist Recordings night at Claire
Just landed in Berlin, and after a quick snack and a nap we'll see you all at Prince Charles tonight! We're on after Tiger & Woods live & Snacks on the warmup!
When Heist is life... #4evah
This friday, 23:00-00:00 GMT at Rinse FM. Proper vibes innit...
Even when soundchecking we play soundstream! Very happy to have him as our guest this saturday at Claire
Wow! It's on rare occasions that you experience something like last night! OOST, it has been a pleasure! Thank you! And thnx to Marijke Tadema for the vid.
Last night in LA was just something else! The vibe, the location, all of you! Nothing but love! This has been one of the best tours so far! ❤
Thnx San Fran, on our way to LA for a Heist warehouse take-over with the Dig Deeper ladies Alison & Masha and heist boys Adesse Versions and Nachtbraker
Infinite recorddigging at the secret basement in North Beach! Looking forward to our Heist night at Halcyon tonight! #tour2017
So why not do a top 5 of our fav tracks? See you all at Halcyon SF tomorrow for our Heist showcase with Nachtbraker & Adesse Versions!

Detroit Swindle 5 Tracks of the Moment
Enjoying some california weather ahead of our Heist showcase at Halcyon SF this Friday: Heist Recordings Showcase: Detroit Swindle, Adesse Versions, Nachtbraker at Halcyon #tour2017
Merci Montréal! That was special! Now for some drooling over modular gear at Moog Audio! #tour2017
Lorenz doing the bizz on the Rhodes! See you all tonight in Montreal or Glasgow! #live #dj #tour2017
Team Derp ready for Smartbar Chicago tonight! Were on at 01:00! #tour2017