Winter is here! Let your children enjoy the weather without worrying about cold & flu. Rest assured knowing they can be protected from 100 illness causing germs with #Dettol.
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If you think your kids are safe from germs at home, then think again. Germs are present in every corner and are unescapable. Don’t let germs ruin their health, when you can keep them protected with Dettol Liquid Handwash instead.
Your kids are always out & about, and germs follow them everywhere. Now we have a solution to keep them protected throughout – Dettol Hand Sanitizer. Help your kids fight germs and stay healthy.
Let Dettol be your kid’s secret Santa this Christmas and keep them protected from germs and illness.
Wishing you and your kids a very merry Christmas!
Where there’s fun, there are germs. But that shouldn’t stop your kids from exploring the world and playing outdoor games. Give them the Dettol power to fight germs.
Playtime! The best part of the day. It’s the time when children can leave their school work behind and explore, discover, make friends. Encourage your children to play more indoors and outdoors and keep them protected with Dettol.
When you teach your kids to use Dettol Hand Sanitizer before eating, they go on to teach their friends the same good habit. So, don’t forget to keep a Dettol hand sanitizer in their school bag and let them lead the way!
Whether studying or playing with pets, kids are always exposed to germs even when they’re home. Let your kids be protected with Dettol so they can enjoy healthy and carefree days.
When it’s about having fun outdoors, there’s no way you can control your kid’s excitement. While they enjoy their play time, don’t forget to keep them germ-free with Dettol Squeezy, an easy to carry ready to use pack for anywhere.
Moms, take some time out and teach your children some healthy habits to protect themselves from illness. Why not let one be the Dettol Hand Sanitizer habit that fights germs even when out of home.
We all know that Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is a really good cook. But do you know what healthy kitchen habits he follows? Here they are:

Habit No.1: Washing hands with Dettol Liquid Handwash before cooking.

Habit No.2: Washing utensils with Dettol Kitchen Gel to keep them germ-free.

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"To Clean India, we begin with a movement: pledge to play your part on social media using #MyCleanIndia”
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Banega Swachh India has launched the Hygiene Index with RB EY USAID - US Agency for International Development NDTV to track effectiveness of Swachh Bharat Mission #MyCleanIndia at Global Citizen India [ Link ]

Launch of the Hygiene Index

Every mother wants her child to be healthy and free of illness. Why not start by ensuring germ-free hands with Dettol Liquid Handwash? Each untouched drop keeps hands protected from 100 illness causing germs and your child healthy.

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Ever wondered how many people use the same bar soap to wash their dirty hands? That’s why switch to Dettol Liquid Handwash. Its every drop is untouched to keep you and your family healthy, protected & germ-free.

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