Never stop dreaming. This week is proof that dreams can come true!! It's been nothing but a nonstop adrenaline rush! Stoked to show you what we've been up to with Subaru of America, Inc., and our athlete Marshall Miller pushing the limits Stay tune :) #meetanowner #subaru
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Trike Racing down one of the steepest roads in North America! Maybe the fastest way to ruin a pair of shoes :)
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Today will go down in the books ! It's been a dream of mine to work with #Subaru since I could drive at 16! And today that became a reality! Not only that, but my 2012 Outback wagon got to be the hero car . So excited to show you the stunts we pulled off with Subaru of America, Inc. #meetanowner #teamsupertramp
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This is a Real Life Jet Pack! You know the old saying "It ain't rocket science"? Well this time it is :)
with JetPack Aviation
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Our drone trick shot vid with CineChopper comes out soon!!! In honor of the NBA All Star Game, we wanted to show you a little of what to expect . This features our very own @tysonjhenderson from filming last month. #nbaallstar #nbaallstardunkcontest #cinechopper #teamsupertramp
Have You ever seen the yoyo tricks this kid can do!?
Making of Mario Kart in Real Life! Check out the actual video on my Youtube channel! :)
Natural Waterslides are the Best Waterslides!
In the thick of it. Hiked through a flash flood, scaled waterfalls, crossed the streams with ropes, all just to get to this spot Saturday, and we survived to tell the tale
Cliff Jumping in Havasupai! The World's Most Amazing Desert Oasis!
Next week this video goes live! Any ideas what character I play in it from this pic??? Winner to guess correct first gets 3 high fives ✋. This video is over 10 years in the making from concept to completion. The ultimate passion project! Video premiere the day before Valentine's Day, stay hyped . #teamsupertramp
Our first true 3D 360 video is live :) Terrifying masquerade party!

[ Link ]
A little motivation to get through the week :) Turn the sound on!
IT'S GAME DAY!!! This is how we celebrate the Super Bowl!
The world through my eyes. I've been testing out the #phantom4pro all week, different settings, filters, moves, etc. Stoked to show you what I've learned so you don't have to make the same mistakes. Video coming out next week on our behind the scenes channel.
Slip n Slide Human Bowling! Tag who you would knock over to get a strike!
Sharks Tried to EAT My 360 Camera! :) Special Thanks to The Living Planet Aquarium!