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Show us your inner #WeekendWarrior!
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A little weekend motivation.
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Could virtual reality replace textbooks in the next decade?

17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050
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Happy Valentine's Day! <3
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AI is already changing the world, and we’ve only scratched the surface. See what we mean in this special interview with the writers and executive producers of #HUMANSamc.
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Show us your inner #WeekendWarrior!
Shout out to Addison, Columbus & Midtown New York β€” check out the new Tech Playgrounds with AI, robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality & more!
Who else was amazed by the drones? Check out all the tech and planning behind the show.

All About Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show Drones
Stay strong! You've got this.
We're ready for tonight! Hope your homework is done!
Show us your inner #WeekendWarrior!
We heard our students loud and clear. That’s why our IT Help Desk is now available 24/7!
So no matter when you need help, you can:
Create a self-service ticket on our IT Support Site. [ Link ]
Call us at 877.784.1997.
Chat with us on the student portal.
As businesses began going digital, they also saw increased efficiency, ______ and _____. Find out the other two.

The Business of Business Technology: A Look Back and a Look Forward
Oil diffuser βœ” Music βœ” Sunday night βœ”
This is what it means to be a #WeekendWarrior!
Send us your #WeekendWarrior photos using #MyDeVry! Good luck!
Missed our LIVE National Speaker Series with Google exec Jim Lecinski? Watch the replay and learn how technical innovations have created a "new normal" business need to tap into.

Google's "New Normal"
Learn how information technology has evolved, along with some of the groundbreaking achievements.

A Brave New Digital World: The Evolution of Information Technology
Congratulations to the first graduating DeVry Bootcamp class!