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4K gaming, 6 Teraflops of power, 320 GB/s memory bandwidth, 8 CPU cores ... Is it time you learned about Project Scorpio?

Project Scorpio: everything we know about Microsoft's 4K-ready Xbox
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We know when you study, you only focus on studying... ;)
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Show us your inner #WeekendWarrior! Don't be afraid to be creative.
Happy St. Patrick's Day and good luck on midterms next week!
Looking forward to the NCAA Tournament! Hoping to unfurl another one of these beauties when it's all over #TeamDeVryU #AnotherUndefeatedSeason Pinata Video Banner Confetti Video
Show us your inner #WeekendWarrior!
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Experts predict that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. What are some benefits and risks to being so interconnected?

Interconnectivity Benefits the Developing World
Happy Proofreading Day! #ProofReadingDay
Happy International Women's Day!
Shout out to all of our students, alumni, colleagues and women everywhere!
There's a #TechSkillsGap between education and employers. That's why our CEO Rob Paul joined Randi Zuckerburg, GE’s Sara Ley and Alex Levit for a SXSW panel discussing ways to address the issue. Watch a full replay of this eye-opening talk.

Bridging the Tech-Skills Gap
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500 volunteers in 700 classes, read to more than 17,000 kids with or without glasses ... So proud to celebrate Read Across America (and Dr. Seuss' birthday)!
There are 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube, 2.4 million Google searches, 347,222 tweets ... that happen every minute!
What is beacon technology? And more importantly, are you taking advantage of its special sales or personalized coupons?

The Future of Beacon Technology
First week of March session! New students- tell us your concentration below.