We are helping those in desperate need in famine-affected South Sudan.

Get the facts behind the headlines on the UK's support to South Sudan [ Ow.ly Link ]

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Four countries, four crises. Millions of people are at risk from famine in South Sudan, and food crises in Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria. UK aid is helping and calls on the international community to step up as well, before it is too late: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Great news from Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) on Yemen, following on from UK’s announcement of humanitarian support for South Sudan and Somalia yesterday
"Before this week there has been only one certified famine globally since 2000. Parts of South Sudan are now in famine and there is a credible risk of famine in Yemen, North East Nigeria and Somalia".
International Development Secretary Priti Patel announces humanitarian support to Somalia and South Sudan and calls on international community to step up efforts:
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The world is sleepwalking towards catastrophic famine – Britain will help prevent this.
Read International Development Secretary Priti Patel's op-ed where she calls on international community to step up their response: [ Ow.ly Link ]
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Priti Patel announces new packages of UK aid for South Sudan and Somalia, and calls on others to step up as well.

UK offers £100m in aid for South Sudan to battle famine

The world has seen just one famine in the past 20 years.

But, now parts of South Sudan are in famine and there is a credible risk of famine in Yemen, North East Nigeria and Somalia where drought and conflict are pushing families to the brink of starvation.

The UK is showing the global leadership needed: UK aid is already saving lives in South Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia.

And today,...
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The situation in South Sudan is dire and almost half the population are in urgent need. Nearly 5 million people do not have enough food, 100,000 people are facing starvation and a million more are on the brink of famine.

The UK is ensuring millions of people in need in South Sudan get urgently needed food, water and medicine, as well as longer term support. Read the full story about how we're...
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READ: Facts behind the headlines on CDC – The Government’s Development Finance Institution:


DFID in the News - Government responses - GOV.UK

DFID In The News: International Development Secretary Priti Patel statement on UK Family Planning Summit

Read more on the summit and what has been achieved globally on family planning already: [ Ow.ly Link ]

DFID in the News - Government responses - GOV.UK

See the stunning gains the poorest people in the world have made over the last 25 years. Poverty has fallen dramatically. As has disease and illiteracy. 122 MILLION children's lives have been saved since 1990.
Check out Bill & Melinda Gates annual letter for more info: [ B-gat.es Link ] Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Our 2017 Annual Letter | Bill & Melinda Gates

Rise in solidarity! Meet Mitaly, Jyortirmoy, Priya & Kartick, who along with the rest of their community are working together to end violence against women and child marriage, with UK support: [ Ow.ly Link ]
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Transforming the lives of a generation of girls in South Sudan.

DFID Minister James Wharton met with teachers and children at the Ustrautuna Primary School in Juba, and saw how the UK aid funded Girls' Education South Sudan initiative is transforming the lives of a generation of girls – supporting 1.3 million children and over 3,500 schools to ensure children get an education despite the...
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Keeping business afloat can be essential in times of crisis.

Thanks to the CDC Group, business owners in Sierra Leone like Jiad stayed open and retained staff, even during the Ebola crisis.

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WATCH: A powerful report from South Sudan on ITV News: [ Ow.ly Link ].

UK aid supports UNICEF to help children affected by the conflict in South Sudan.

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"Without these women, there would be no change.”

From campaigning mothers to young warriors, meet the Kenyan community where everyone is joining the fight to end FGM with support from UK aid: [ Ow.ly Link ]

#FGM #EndFGM #ZeroTolerance #GlobalBritain

Picture: Jessica Lea/DFID

16-year-old twins Hope and Leah escaped FGM with minutes to spare.

Hear their story and find out why they want to fight for girls' rights: [ Soundcloud.com Link ]

Background: UK Aid works through partners to support a collective abandonment of the FGM, encouraging whole communities to say no to FGM together.

We are backing the Africa-led movement to end FGM,...
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It's Zero Tolerance for FGM Day!

See Kenyan warriors in action as they work to end female genital mutilation + all the top FGM facts and stats. For example, did you know that 15,000 communities - that's more than 17 million people - have pledged to #EndFGM with the help of UK aid and other donors?

MORE: Read 'Warriors against FGM' to find out more about the Kenyan warriors, mothers,...
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NEWS: International Development Secretary Priti Patel says Syria progress at risk without new push in 2017

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UK aid is creating jobs and transforming lives for Syrian refugees.

Priti Patel visited Lebanon and Jordan to see how the UK is leading and shaping the vital response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the region.

She saw at first-hand the Syrian refugees who, thanks to UK support, now have jobs and the refugee children who are now back in school and receiving a quality education.

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