Here are some tips on how to find a diabetes-friendly cookbook that fits your needs!

Thanks to Ward Alper,THE Decadent Diabetic for writing this article!

Finding a Diabetes-Compatible Cookbook?
Here's why you need to invite massage treatment into your life. Has massage helped you?

Tranquility And Treatment: Benefits Of Massage For People With Diabetes
Does anyone else feel overwhelmed?
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How is hiking one of the most beneficial activities that contribute to diabetes management? Comment with other activities that help you manage!

Diabetes, and the Mind-Body Benefits of Hiking
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Does this happen to you?
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What two important benefits do blueberries have for people with diabetes? Comment with your favorite recipe involving blueberries.

Diabetes Diet: Enjoy The Flavor And Benefits Of Blueberries
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What are some of the best sources of carbs for diabetes? Which ones do you swear by?
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Don't miss these updated guidelines for how to ensure your insulin injections are effective.

Updated Guidelines For Consistently Effective Insulin Injections
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Here are 7 alkaline foods to include in your meals.
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What full-fat dairy products may actually be healthier?

Full Fat Dairy Products May Be A Healthy Choice
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As any diabetic knows, retinopathy is a serious concern. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself:

Diabetic Retinopathy: Here Are 2 Treatments You Need To Know About
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When just eating healthy is the biggest challenge.
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We know better than to overdo it when exercising, but also want to make sure we are getting enough of a workout to help regulate our blood sugar, maintain a healthy weight, and protect our heart.

A Simple Way To Gauge Exercise Intensity
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Who else feels this sometimes?
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Here are some benefits of exercise that you probably didn't know. Comment on any others you can think of!

Some Lesser Known But Majorly Motivating Benefits of Exercise
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What are YOUR ingredients for the perfect smoothie?
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Does eating in moderation actually help? Share your experiences with us!

Thanks to Ward Alper,THE Decadent Diabetic for writing this article!

Diabetes: Eating in Moderation (How is that working for you?)
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Probably :)
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How can we change our mindset so that we enjoy eating more? Do you have any suggestions?

This article is courtesy of Ward Alper,THE Decadent Diabetic!

Making eating with diabetes more fun
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How might diabetes in women be different? Ladies, have you experienced symptoms like these?