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Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there โ€“ whether you have diabetes yourself or are caring for someone who does. Say thank you to your mum by tagging them in this post, hitting share or telling us what your Motherโ€™s Day message is.
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With Mother's Day coming up, we asked mums of children with Type 1 diabetes to talk to us about what it's really like โ€“ from the daily challenges to the moments that matter. [ Bit.ly Link ] #MothersDay

What being a mum to a child with Type 1 is really like - Diabetes UK

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Treat mum to breakfast in bed this Mother's Day with this delicious tomato bagel - and a big pot of tea, of course! [ Bit.ly Link ] #EnjoyFood #MothersDay

Tomato bagels

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Do you fancy taking on Swim22, or have you signed up but not started yet? Donโ€™t fret, thereโ€™s still plenty of time and youโ€™ll be joining our chief exec Chris Askew whoโ€™s starting a little later too. Dive in now at [ Bit.ly Link ]
An occasional treat is fine, but it's not always easy to say no to unhealthy food at other times. If this sounds familiar, try some of these tricks to help you maintain a healthy diet and manage your diabetes: [ Bit.ly Link ] #EnjoyFood

Food, family and diabetes: how to say no politely - Diabetes UK

We caught up with Professor Solomon Tesfaye at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference last week.

He explained how research like his will help us to better diagnose and treat painful diabetic neuropathy, a nerve condition that mainly affects feet in people with diabetes.

You can find out more about neuropathy on our website: [ Bit.ly Link ] #dukpc
We got a chance to chat to Professor Noel Morgan at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference last week.

He told us about his incredible research into Type 1 diabetes, working out if there are different subtypes and how we might treat them in the future.

You can find out more about the conference here: [ Bit.ly Link ] #dukpc
We're at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference in Manchester and had a chance to catch up with Dr Nita Forouhi.

Nita has dedicated her research to understanding how diet and nutrition are linked to Type 2 diabetes. In this video, we asked about her motivations and how to work out the best diet for you, whatever type of diabetes you're living with.

You can find out more about the...
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Love chicken kievs but wish they were a bit healthier? Try some of these simple swaps to keep the flavour but cut down on carbs and cals: [ Bit.ly Link ] #EnjoyFood

Chicken Kiev - Diabetes UK

Ease the stress of school exams and residential trips - use our free tools to help make them a success, whether you're a teacher or a parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Itโ€™s the #FinalCountdown in Tesco stores this weekend! Get your 80s gear out, dust off those leg warmers and pop in to your local store to see what they're doing to raise money for us and British Heart Foundation. What's your favourite 80s costume?
We've just committed to investing ยฃ1.8 million in diabetes research. You can have a sneak peak at some of the new projects here, including understanding the immune attack in Type 1 diabetes and investigating the relationship between exercise and Type 2 diabetes: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Diabetes UK to invest ยฃ1.8 million in new research projects

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and we want to raise awareness of diabulimia. Like any eating disorder, diabulimia can be hard to talk about. But itโ€™s important that we do so people can get the support they need. Find out what it is, where to go for help and what to do if youโ€™re concerned about a family member or friend: [ Bit.ly Link ] #EatingDisorderAwarenessWeek

Diabulimia - Diabetes UK

Worried that pancake day will interfere with your healthy eating goals? These spinach and cheddar pancakes are a great alternative: [ Bit.ly Link ] #PancakeDay

Wholemeal spinach and cheddar pancakes

Check out this fab-u-lous video of how our supporter Alexandra Burke and Jamie Wilson Productions raised more than ยฃ23,000 for us at a gala night of Sister Act: The Musical along with Craig Revel Horwood, Jonny Labey and more.
Today's the day! Good luck to everyone taking on our #Swim22 challenge. Itโ€™s not too late to sign up - you'll have three months to swim the equivalent of the English Channel in your local pool: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Are you eating because you're hungry, or are there other reasons behind your snacking? Find out more about mindless eating and how to curb the cravings: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Food, family and diabetes: eating when you're not hungry - Diabetes UK

Have you seen this 'copy and paste' rumour about test strips doing the rounds on Facebook? We put your minds at rest and explain why you shouldn't share it: [ Bit.ly Link ] Please help by sharing our post to let others know the truth.

Fake news: test strips โ€“ by Zena Ambrose

Happy Valentine's Day! Weโ€™re celebrating the special people in our lives โ€“ help us share the love and get tagging.
We're celebrating our brilliant female researchers for International Women and Girls in Science Day on 11 February. It would be impossible to make crucial steps forward in diabetes research and care without their work.

Dr Victoria Salem says: โ€œI feel hugely privileged โ€“ Iโ€™ve got this responsibility to produce research thatโ€™s really going to make a difference to people with diabetes โ€“...
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