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Make your house a gingerbread house! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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We love a gift that keeps on giving, weeks after the holidays have ended! [ Diamondcandles.com Link ]
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Known for its cleansing and medicinal properties, eucalyptus will make your home smell fresh and clean. Add notes of lemon, lime, and mint leaf, and you have our Eucalyptus Lime Ring Candle. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Create a clean, sweet, masculine environment in any room with the strike of a match. Our Cedar Grove candle mixes cedar, eucalyptus and mandarin, making any room feel like an inviting den. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Pineapple Mango is perfect for any day you desire an exotic fruity fragrance to light up your day. Light up your life with this treat. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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A sweet scent featuring citrus, wet dew, and a light touch of musk and cypress reveal a masculine fragrance that will remind you of a light and happy rainy day. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Winter Wonderland Sale - Buy 1 Get 1 Free original ring candle! [ Dmnd.cndl.es Link ]
Grab the graham crackers and chocolate bars because this scent is full of sweet and smokey marshmallow. Light touches of burnt sugar and caramel release a delectably exciting treat. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Savor the sweet aroma of wild blueberries nestled in a warm and flaky crust. [ Bit.ly Link ]
What is the perfect dessert that basically has no calories because compared to a whole cake is almost nothing? What's really more like a cake vitamin? Cupcakes are one of our favorites treats for all occasions. Let's enjoy the smell even when we aren't taking our vitamins. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Full of sweet exotica, this candle's fragrance features coconut milk, green palm, banana and vanilla bean combine to transport you to a warm, sunny place any time of the year. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Nestled in the Rocky Mountains awaits the prized wild huckleberry. This sweet and tart wild berry aroma - similar to a blueberry - will fill your home with a touch of the wilderness. [ Bit.ly Link ]
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our New Year's resolution? To keep your house smelling delicious and your fingers looking fabulous in 2017! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Is it too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day? We don't think so. Spark up some romance with the intoxicating scents of sweet apricots, white lilies and toasted vanilla with the romantic fragrances of this Evening Romance Ring Candle! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Savor the aroma of home baked banana nut bread with comforting spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. [ Bit.ly Link ]
363 days until Christmas and counting! Thanks for the gorgeous Ring Reveal, Nia Sanchez and congratulations on winning a $1,000 diamond ring! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We're still observing Christmas over a short stack. Join us! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Customer Appreciation Sale - All Original Ring Candles only $18! [ Dmnd.cndl.es Link ]