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Dick Smith Foods
12/05/2016 at 02:00. Facebook
Have you seen our new website?
Head over to and have a look around. We will be updating our news regularly, and we would love to know what you think!
Check out this little cutie. Kangaroo Jack loves his Australian Bush Foods. It's just a treat for him, but you can have a bowl every day!
Thanks to Cathy Ann Kruger for the video, and a special shout out to Riverland Veterinary Hospital for saving this little roo's life!
Aldi was just the beginning. Do we value a bargain more than our future generations having jobs?
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Kaufland is heading to Australia - Dick Smith Foods

New & Improved, inside and out!
Look out for our new look OzEsauce in-store and try our new and improved All Natural recipe.
Mylor this is tasty!
OzEsauce is having a makeover! Not only will we look brand new on the outside, but we will be better for you on the inside too. Are you ready?
At Dick Smith Foods, we are proud to support Australia Zoo, with $54k in donations so far. With their Wildlife Warriors, they manage the largest croc research project in the world, using techniques developed by Steve Irwin. Check out the awesome footage!

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Croc Research Trip 2016

Aldi accounts shed some light on their Australian operations. Wesfarmers, the owner of Aldi's supermarket rival Coles want more information about the tax they pay. Can Woolworths, Coles and IGA compete fairly like this?
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Aldi accounts shed some light on Australian operations

Thanks to your support, we have been able to donate over $8 MILLION to charity. Great Australian food, supporting Australian charities.
We’re proud to support Sydney Homeless Connect, an organisation fuelled 100% by passionate volunteers who believe we can ALL make an impact to help end the cycle of homelessness.
Make a difference with us and take the #SHCiPledge today! What is your pledge to help end homelessness? Pledge here: [ Sydneyhomelessconnect.com Link ]
#SydneyHomelessConnect #EndHomelessness
“This is an interesting story about Aldi. Dick Smith predicts that Aldi will eventually take over from either Coles or Woolworths and then Walmart will come over and take over the one that is remaining. The problem with this is that all of the wealth creation will go overseas.

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Australian Mum and Dad shareholders

We are so happy to know we can keep making our tasty OzEmite, and more importantly, now we can get back to donating all the profits to charity!
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Dick Smith Court Win

Dick wins the battle of the mites after 13 long years. Now he can get back to donating all DSF profits to charity!

Congratulations to the Australian Olympic team! Already high up there on the medal tally. Oze Oze Oze!
The August issue of Buy Australian magazine is available now, it’s free to read, subscriptions are also free. Full of new products, recipes, the Father’s Day gift guide and more... click to read:
"Why doesn't my local store stock your products?" & "Why are they so hard to find?" Here are some helpful tips:
1. Ask a store team member where to find our products
2. If they don't stock what you are after, ask if they can get it in
3. If they are unable to get it in, you can use one of the feedback forms below.
COLES Product feedback form:
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WOOLWORTHS feedbackform:
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As the school holidays continue, the calls of "Mum, I'm bored" increase. We are here to help. Grab your empty OzEsauce bottle and get making!
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#dicksmithfoods #iHeartOzeArt
What an honour for the DSF team!
Dick Smith is considered the 'most trustworthy' in the My Big Idea poll. He also thinks you should get aboard this fantastic campaign and come up with an idea for a better Australia.
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This movie legend is seen as our most caring famous Aussie

The battle of the own brands continues as Woolworths changes their line up, phasing out the 'Select' label, to compete with Aldi. What does this mean for Australian brands trying to compete?
Do you perceive Aldi’s homebrand products to be better quality or value for money than the Woolworths home brand products?
The June Winter issue of Buy Australian magazine is available now, it’s free to read, subscriptions are also free. Full of great new products, Winter recipes from Maggie Beer and Thomas Farms, Rivalea Pork and more…Click the cover to read your copy now.

JUNE 2016 Issue