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Watch Dick on Today Tonight talking about how South Australian power prices add to the cost of your breakfast:
and read about it here:
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We have updated our charity counter!
Dick Smith Foods Foundation donated $100k to Vision Australia on Christmas Eve, and $10,000 to Wunan Foundation Inc.
All of this is thanks to you, our customers, buying our products. Thank you!
While many on this list may no longer be ours, we'd love to know which Aussie brands you do buy.
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Which household brands are still Aussie owned?


Thanks to Bega Cheese, Vegemite is Australian once again!

Bega has bought Vegemite from MondelΔ“z in $460m deal.

We will continue to make OzEmite as a gluten free alternative but we are very happy this icon is Australian again.

β€œI am delighted,” Dick Smith said.
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Welcome Back Vegemite! - Dick Smith Foods

You can't get more Australian than the Australia Day edition of Buy Australian magazine! We love the lamington strawberry idea!
See if you can spot us in there.
P.S it is free to read online!

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JANUARY 2017 Issue

Supporting our farmers helps all Australians. All our profits go to charity, so you help Australia twice over!
All ready at Orbost FoodWorks Supermarket for Australia Day 2017. Victoria, get in there to show your support. It's never been easier to find your Australian made!
[Thanks to Peter Clay for sharing!]
The profits from the products that you buy are doing great things! Have a look at what Sunshine Butterflies are doing with the money they received as part of our $1M to charity giveaway.
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It isn't Christmas unless there are crackers!
It’s great to see sustainable pricing and supplier relations. Good one Harris Farm Markets!
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Home made gifts are the best (especially when they are made with OzEnuts). You can even recycle the jar for the packaging!
In a half page advertisement featuring in major newspapers, Dick Smith is asking Lucy Turnbull, the chief planner for Sydney, what her eventual plans are for the population of Sydney – querying whether it could be 16 or even 100 million.
Dick Smith says, β€œAll of the major political parties, including The Greens, spruik perpetual growth."
Dick has donated to locals to boost tourism at the Marree Man.
In this interview, he also discusses nuclear power and population.
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Dick Smith Nuclear

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