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Simple yet striking digital illustrations using the visual allusion of line moiré.

Andrea Minini’s minimalistic illustrations are made from layering sets of lines
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These unusual digital portraits were born from experimenting with a new tool.

Dario Veruari creates incredible, ethereal human forms from multicoloured threads
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Rebecca's Royal Mail illustrations make prehistoric Britain interesting and beautiful.

Prehistoric Britain is laid out in these beautiful Royal Mail stamp illustrations
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More of Eduardo Fuentes' wonderful gifs can be seen at [ Link ]
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A simple tutorial by *Chikuto: [ Link ]
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Illustrators Pencil & Help discuss how they help children be creative in the classroom (and outside).

How to Run Art Workshops for Children
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Rewind, The Mill and Space Ape Games give us first impressions of Wacom / Wacom Creatives Europe's new tablet.

What leading designers and artists think of Wacom's MobileStudio Pro
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MPC worked on the transformation, anatomy and facial expressions of the monster.

How MPC created the tree monster for A Monster Calls
A wealth of antique illustrations that are yours to download.

The 8 Best Sites for Free Vintage Photos and Artworks
Eduardo Fuentes creates beautiful geometric illustrations and animated GIFs.

These vector-based illustrations & GIFs are clean, crisp and colourful
50 artists have created works inspired by Rick and Morty for this show.

These Rick & Morty-inspired artworks are just fantastic
12 illustrators who will make it big in 2017.

2017’s Best Up-and-coming Illustrators