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Kittozutto has created a step-by-step guide to 80s airbrush techniques for Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop tutorial: Amazing 80s airbrush portrait techniques
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These are the only awards that matter. Entries close soon to get in quick.

The Best Design, Illustration, Animation and VFX Awards of 2017
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This is one of the cleverest charity animated films we've seen.

Studio AKA's animated film gets better the more you donate to charity
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15 incredible matchbooks with art by Jeremyville, Inkymole, mcbess, Stanley Chow and more.

Top illustrators have created miniature artworks for B&A's matchbooks
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You had us at the chance to play Mario Kart in a bumper car.

Explore The Festival of All Things Geeky
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Space Ape Games on creating concept art on the new Mobile Studio Pro from Wacom / Wacom Creatives Europe

Wacom MobileStudio Pro: See how Space Ape creates amazing concept art for games
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David Doran's incredible bespoke design for BAFTA, working alongside AKQA's creative direction.

David Doran’s campaign design for the British Academy Film Awards
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The HoloLens lets you see your creations in a way not possible before.

Here's what the Microsoft HoloLens can do for designers and artists
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Justin Seeley explains how to use Adobe Photoshop's Select & Mask tools to get perfect cutouts every time.

Photoshop tutorial: Master Photoshop's Select & Mask Workspace
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Artist Sam Gilbey Illustrates was really impressed by the new MobileStudio Pro from Wacom / Wacom Creatives Europe.

Wacom MobileStudio Pro review – the best tool for drawing wherever you want to
Der Spiegel, Village and The New Yorker are among other magazine covers to hit headlines this month.

The brutal magazine covers of Donald Trump
The Jungle Book and Game of Thrones cleaned up at this year's VES Awards.

VES Awards 2017: Watch VFX breakdowns for the winners
There's something wonderfully 80s about this Adobe Illustrator 1.0 launch film.

Here's how Adobe introduced Illustrator 1.0 in 1987
Rodeo FX has given us a breakdown of its work on Arrival.

Arrival VFX: Rodeo FX shows how it turned gravity upside down
Painting in 3D space is an amazing experience.

5 incredible tools that let you paint in VR