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We take a look at how VR is being used to simulate space.

Science Museum launches Space Descent VR experience
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Hear how Wacom's latest tablet lets Charles design at his desk, sketch from the sofa and draw from life from anywhere.

How designer Charles Bigeast from The Mill uses Wacom’s MobileStudio Pro
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We're loving these emoji based on artist Frida Kahlo.

These Frida Kahlo emoji are simply delightful
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Sometimes working for free isn't just exploitation.

When To Say Yes To Working For Free
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Refik Anadol's Infinity Room is a dazzling example of merging tech with art.

This Art Installation Is Like Floating In Infinity Mirrors
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David Doran has discussed the inspirations and drawing techniques behind his latest artworks.

Illustrator David Doran's new type-based prints explore the beauty of cities around the world
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03/21/2017 at 12:05. Facebook tell you what they think of Wacom/Wacom Creatives Europe's fantastic new tablet.
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Would you want someone to love your work as much as Frank loves Tim's?

How illustrator Tim McDonagh deals with his 'biggest fan'
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Luci Paulli's hilarious GIFs explore all the perks of having extendable arms. See the full set at [ Link ]
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Some quick ways to improve your hand-drawn art.

16 brilliant tips for drawing from life
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The Italian artist has brought a visceral feel to this sensual line of prints.

Alberto Seveso's abstract artworks fill silhouettes with ribbons of light
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New artworks from some of Asia's best young female illustrators and artists.

These artworks explore what it means to be female in Asia right now
Katie Edwards has a new collection of wonderfully relaxing screenprints. See them here.

Katie Edwards’ country-meets-city screenprints are beautifully dreamy
Whether you want screen printing, sublimation or direct-to-garment – here's where to go (plus we explain the difference).

These are the best services for T-shirt printing for designers and artists