Today we came across this great little video of a photographer that we’ve admired for some time (and who has even written a post for us here at dPS). It was produced by SmugMug and features Dave Powell of the Shoot Tokyo photo blog. In it Dave shares a little of how he got into …

Street Photography in Tokyo with Dave Powell
Have you taken photos of birds before? It can be tricky to get them in action, here are 24 images of birds to give you some inspiration.

24 Fantastic Photos of our Fine Feathered Friends - Birds
Find a wooded area near you to go try out these 8 quick tips for better forest photography. You don't need anything special to do this just a camera.

8 Quick Tips to Produce Better Forest Photography
New to street photography? This one will answer some of the questions you have.

An Introduction to Street Photography for New Photographers
People tend to think that you need good weather to get good photos. But what about those times of year when the weather isn't so great?

Leanne Cole explores the good things about doing photography in 'off-seasons'.

Finding Comfort with Off-Season Photography
Majestic, dramatic, grand, awesome.... these words are often used to describe mountains but how do you convey this in your images?

5 Tips for Avoiding Boring Photos of Mountains
If you're new to photography - this is an important one to understand.

What is a Stop? The Common Currency of Exposure Explained
If you are just getting started in photography here are 5 of the most essential camera settings you'll want to learn, and how to use each of them.

The Five Most Essential Camera Settings and How to Use Them
Puddles can add a lot to your images. Here's how to use them in your composition to add interest to your shots.

How to Create Amazing Reflection Photos using Puddles
It seems like virtually all outdoor or landscape photographs suffer from the same illness when they come out of the camera. The symptoms are: An overly bright sky Foreground that is too dark A general lack of color and contrast. Sound familiar? Fortunately, there is a cure for this ailment. Actually...

A Super Simple Way to Make Landscape Photos POP Using Lightroom
Ideally, every time we take photos of someone, there is a studio full of equipment at our disposal or wonderful sunlight that is perfectly diffused. This, however, is not reality. Usually, the sun is either too faint or too harsh. We don’t always have access to a studio, let alone one full of lighti...

3 Steps to Professional Looking Headshots Using One Flash
Are you considering making the leap from being an amateur photographer to a professional? Join the club! There are many pro photographers today making a living off of the craft, but of course there are a fair number of challenges that come with the job. I’ve been a successful full-time professional…

4 Things You Must do BEFORE Becoming a Professional Photographer
It's tempting but read this to see 4 reasons why you should resist using the delete button on your camera. It's for your own good!

4 Reasons to Never use the Delete Button on Your Camera
Want to try light painting? This little kit could be helpful.

Review: Light Painting Brushes - Tools for Creativity
Light and shadow are key in photography. You cannot have one without the other, and how light is used in the image set the tone and mood of it. Images with high contrast, and strong shadows can be very dramatic. Have a look and see if you agree that these shadow images have a certain …

24 Dark and Mysterious Shadow Images
This week I have found some great videos to help you to understand how to use on-camera flash to your advantage. Flash can be confusing to understand and using on-camera flash incorrectly can make unflattering light, or worse yet ruin your photos completely. Have a watch of these tutorials on flash…

How to Use On-Camera Flash
Are you in danger of becoming a lazy photographer?

How to Avoid Becoming a Lazy Photographer