It was yet another snowy day in New York, so I headed to the Arboretum to work on macro photography. Tripod slung over one shoulder, with my Olympus mirrorless gear in tow, I approached the door only to be stopped in my tracks. “No tripods” she said, pointing to the sign. I’ve been here plenty …

How to Create In-Camera Double Exposures
Fancy photographing wildlife? Be careful not to make these mistakes.

5 Most Common Mistakes in Wildlife Photography and How to Avoid Them
What is light painting? Light painting is an imaging technique that uses a moving light source to add light to an under-illuminated subject while taking a long-exposure photograph. A scene or object can be brought to life by painting with a beam of light! You, the photographer, becomes an artist, an...

A Beginner's Guide to Light Painting
When I first started out, doing street photography, I was so focused on seizing photo opportunities I could see people staring back at me.

Practical Tips To Build Your Street Photography Confidence
Want to print or show your images online? This will help get them ready.

Image Size and Resolution Explained for Print and Onscreen
Have you ever photographed the birth of a baby? What tips would you give?

How to Photograph Special Events Like the Birth of a Baby
What could possibly go wrong? Let me be your fall guy here. I’ve been shooting for 25 years, and I’m completely human. I’m also not the most careful person. I’ve left a SLR in a drybag that unfortunately collected water, then sat soaking for a week. I’ve had a camera slide off the top of …

How to Prevent and Solve a Photography Gear Disaster?
Lightroom User? Here's some post processing tips for your landscapes.

Lightroom Quick Post-Processing Tips for Landscape Photography
There are numerous methods to creating lighting effects in Photoshop. I’m only going to cover four but they can be used in many ways. But first let’s take a look at a couple that are in the Filter gallery under Render in Photoshop (CS6 and CC). The first is Lighting Effects, which has been upgraded…

4 Lighting Effects You Can Create in Photoshop
Digital photography allows you the luxury of deciding on making your image color of black and white in the processing stage. Here are some tips to help you.

Top 6 Considerations to Help You Decide on Color or Black and White for Your Image
Don't get them to 'say cheese' or you might just end up with a 'cheesey' smile. Here's some better ways to get a REAL smile.

How to Get More Natural Smiles in Child Photography
When I started my photography journey I remember every article (or so it felt like), blog or book I read talking about light.

3 Types of Lighting Conditions and how to Use Them
The moon and night sky is a mysterious thing. Photographs of the moon can be tricky, but done well can convey an overwhelming sense of peacefulness and calm. I love doing night photography and when you can get the stars, moon or the Milky Way it’s even better. Enjoy these images of the moon and …

25 Photographs of the Moon with Peace and Tranquility