Do you struggle with distracting lens flare in your landscapes? In the latest issue, Jordan Butters guides you through some easy to learn techniques for avoiding, controlling and manipulating lens flare to your advantage.

Only in April's Digital SLR Photography Magazine!
Catch up on the latest issue of Digital SLR Photography for an exclusive interview with leading wildlife photographer Ben Hall.

If you're interested in progressing your wildlife photography then you might want to read up on Ben's top advice!
Experience "Living, breathing colour” & amazing show prices with @EIZOUK monitors at this year’s @ukphotoshow. Come and see EIZO on stand G61 or pop along to the Live Stage at 10:30 and see EIZO’s Colour Expert Victor Aberdeen! See you there!
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Welcome to your April 2017 edition of Digital SLR Photography magazine!

Spring is in the air, so we're gearing up for extra photo-taking opportunities in the coming months. Whatever your skill level or interests in photography, the latest issue has something for everyone inside!

This month's step-by-step tutorials include building and shooting using your own LED ring light (for under £35!),...
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The March 2017 edition of Digital SLR Photography magazine is out today!

Whatever your skill level or interests in photography, the latest issue has something for everyone inside!

We know it’s difficult to head out with your camera when it’s cold, wet and miserable outside, but spring isn’t far away, so make the most of the winter wonders before they’re gone for another year. Not only is...
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Digital Swaledale One Day Photography Workshops with John and Sylvia
We offer a variety of one day workshops covering landscape, waterfalls, beginners only workshops as well as One2One tuition and post processing workshops. Workshops are available most weekends of the year (see website for details) and bespoke workshops are also offered so we can tailor a one, two or three day workshop to suit...
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On location at Althorp Hall with Fuji and fashion photographer Wayne Johns field- testing the GFX medium-format. It's a beauty!
What to know what ETTR is, how it can add extra detail and clarity to your images and how to achieve the technique successfully yourself? Pick up the latest issue and we explain all in easy-to-follow steps.
It's Friday at last!

Are you heading out with your camera this weekend? If so, where and why?
In the latest issue, we challenged Ross Hoddinott Photography to head out in the miserable winter weather and shoot landscapes using only lead-in lines as his main compositional rule. It wasn't easy (or pleasant, apparently!) but he delivered some fantastic results (we knew he would!).

What's more, he's shared all his techniques and advice on completing the challenge in the February issue –...
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Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a fantastic festive break filled with photography?

Welcome to your February 2017 edition of Digital SLR Photography magazine – on sale today, Tuesday 10th January 2017. Whatever your skill level or interests in photography, the latest issue has something for everyone inside!
There's photo tutorials galore, for beginners to enthusiasts. From learning...
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Want to know how to make waves in photography? We chat to sports photographer turned nature professional Sandford Photography about his explosive Lake Erie waves project. Only in January's Digital SLR Photography Magazine
Fancy going really wild in 2017? January's Location Guide covers Torridon in Scotland, an undiscovered gem for landscape photography…
Find out the story and technique behind our latest cover shoot – Ross Hoddinott Photography explains how he captures serene and peaceful lakeside images with an exclusive step-by-step guide. Only in January's Digital SLR Photography.
Ever wondered how those fascinating time-lapse videos are captured and edited? Wonder no more – in the latest issue, Jordan Butters shows you how to shoot, compiled and edit your own time-lapse clip by shooting stills with any DSLR or mirrorless camera. It's easier than you think!
Looking to boost your photography in 2017? In the January 2017 issue we're offering a bumper edition of ideas and inspiration for photographic New Years resolutions.

Tell us – what's your goal for 2017?
This month, Lee Frost guides one reader into the heart of London for an evening workshop of shooting after the sun goes down. Find out all of the techniques used in the latest issue!
Want to capture high-end studio portraits in your own home? Caroline Ann Photography shows you that you don't need to spend much to kit your living room out with all it takes, providing you use the right techniques.

In the January 2017 issue she guides you through what you need and how to shoot to make the most of minimal space.
What's in a focal length? More than simply changing what you see through the viewfinder, choosing the right focal length affects how your subject looks, and their appearance in relation to their surroundings too.

There's this and lots more useful tips and tricks in the January 2017 issue of Digital SLR Photography's Beginner's Guide to Lenses.
Get festive with a stunning still-life step-by-step by Still life photographer Dina Belenko. Pick up the latest issue to find out how she set up and captured this lovely image.