Diipa Khosla
02/19/2017 at 10:58. Facebook
Wake up & go with my @eyeko #lashalert // Also this insane hair do thanks to @aerblowdrybar What do you guys think of this look? Shall I do it more often??
Diipa Khosla
02/19/2017 at 09:25. Facebook
New day, new hair // So excited that I'll be taking over the @nextofficial Instagram stories today! I'll be sharing all my LFW adventures there #diipakhoslaxnext
Diipa Khosla
02/18/2017 at 15:41. Facebook
Running into my love @rosiefortescue was the on top of day 1 LFW! #yingandyang #lovethislady // Wearing @apmmonaco & @aqaq
Diipa Khosla
02/18/2017 at 09:12. Facebook
Day 1 #LFW - wearing @apmmonaco jewels // photo taken by @moeeztali enroute to the DAKS London show
Diipa Khosla
02/18/2017 at 08:50. Facebook
14 days and 14 nights to a complete skin transformation Loving my new @laprairie Line Interception Power Duo which I've been using every day and night! #linelessfuture #laprairie
Diipa Khosla
02/17/2017 at 09:19. Facebook
What ski lessons with @olegbuller look like ???? #icangetusedtothis #diipafocus #firstpistetogether
Diipa Khosla
02/17/2017 at 08:33. Facebook
in bed @zherohotelischgl
Diipa Khosla
02/14/2017 at 11:03. Facebook
Happy love day from us ❤#bestfianceaward #cheesyaf #letsneverchange
All set @ski_obsess_impress
When you're having so much fun, can you still call it work? Always the best time with team @malonesouliers @royluwolt #malonesouliers #phc #alexismabille #couture
A different perspective @fsparis #spottheeffieltower #fsparis #penthousesuite
After a long tiring day .. this is all I could ask for @guesttrotter thanks for hooking us up with the best apartment in Paris
I was spotted watching my first children's fashion show with @bonpoint .. it was hands down the most adorable thing in the world! There is a blog post live right now all about it ❤
Paris is always a good idea @fsparis #fourseasonsparis
As a Influencer, my skin needs to look amazing day and night. I've found the new amazing Swiss luxurious product from @laprarie a total life saver. Day and Night cream in one. My skin care just got so much easier! #linelessfuture #laprarie
I have a new post on my blog where I talk all about the best teeth whitening system ever! @unbraceyourself #unbraceyourself #clearcaps
After a long day of shows at #PHC , I come back home to this! I had to pinch myself @fsparis #realitybetterthandreams #fourseasonsparis #hautecoutureweek #paris
The most welcoming home away from home feeling at @fsparis Thank you for the breakfast of champions before my #parishautecouture shows #fourseasonsparis
Waking up in Paris @guesttrotter #guesttrotter #phc
The most beautiful way to start and end the day is with a grateful heart! 2017 is already looking to be the most amazing year! Thank you guys for constantly showing me so much support - you make me work harder to be the best me! #takeamoment #gratitudeishappiness @zherohotelischgl