Stylish Dilip Kumar Saheb :)
Dilip Saheb with financier of Mughal E Azam ☺
Live Long Dilip Saheb ☺
Dilip Kumar Saheb
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Dilip Kumar is the real horse rider - Film Aan
Dilip Kumar Saheb
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Dilip Kumar Saheb with Madhubala ji :)
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Good Morning Dilipians :)
Dilip Kumar Saheb
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Dilip Saheb :)
Dilip Kumar Saheb
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Handsome Dilip kumar Saheb :)
Dilip Kumar Saheb
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Dilip Saheb with Subhash Ghai Saheb :)
Dilip Kumar Saheb
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legend Dilip Kumar (right) and director Ramanand Sagar (centre) with Urdu writer Krishan Chander at the latter's house in Santacruz where Chander hosted many eminent Urdu writers who travelled to Mumbai
Dilip Saheb readind something :)
Naya Daur :)
On the set of AZAAD :)
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Good Morning with loads of well wishes to all Dilipians. :)
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Sahib e Aalam.
Good Morning Dilipians :)