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If the name “Green Tea Sushi Sponge Loaf” excites you, just imagine how good it’ll taste!
Here’s the recipe: [ Dilmahtea.com Link ]
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Which type of tea do you enjoy the most?
Black Tea Green Tea Organic Tea Flavoured Tea
Let us know why in the comments!
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Did you know that in fortune-telling, the art of reading tea leaves is called tasseography? And no, it wasn’t inspired by Macbeth! Medieval European fortune tellers developed their readings from splatters of wax, lead, and other molten substances. This evolved into tea-leaf reading in the seventeenth century, a short time after Dutch merchants introduced tea to Europe via trade routes to China.
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Dilhan C. Fernando, director of Dilmah along with other prominent panelist discussing "Why investing in children makes better business sense" at UNICEF Sri Lanka live broadcast.
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Join panelist Dilhan C. Fernando, director of Dilmah Tea ☕ by tuning into our Facebook Live broadcast today at 6:30 pm.
Follow the #BizForChildrenSL hashtag on our Twitter ???? account for live updates and more! Click ????[ Ow.ly Link ]
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Do not heat water for brewing tea in a microwave as you have absolutely no temperature control when you use it. Assuming the water is at boiling point will lead to a less than ideal cup of tea.
The Logie Estate is 339 hectares of lush tea fields living in the chilly temperatures of the mountainous Nuwara Eliya District. This high grown tea produces what is known as the ‘champagne’ of tea.. Learn more about Logie Estate [ Dilmahtea.com Link ]
An evening full of upbeat music; a special performance by Country Roads had everyone at our MJF Centre for Dignified and Sustainable Empowerment in Moratuwa tapping their toes, today.
Orgnaised by the Country Music Foundation, the Country Roads is South Asia's & Sri Lanka's longest running annual charity concert for children. Dilmah is amongst other corporate sponsors supporting this year’s...
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Dilmah’s Carbon Neutral journey saw several noteworthy projects being implemented. The Biochar Production and Bioremediation - a research programme looking into the potential of biochar as an environmentally-friendly soil enhancer in tea cultivation has made a significant contribution in terms of reducing our carbon footprint.
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On to another initiative which helped Dilmah reach its Carbon Neutral goal whilst upholding its tradition of sustainable and ethical business. ‘Greening the East’ - a reforestation programme set up in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka has seen nearly 500,000 cashew plants being planted, to date. The project has the objective to regain the forest cover, which was drastically reduced over the...
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The Country Roads concert, which has the distinction of being South Asia's & Sri Lanka's longest running charity concert for children returns once more to Mount Lavinia on March 19. Dilmah is amongst other corporate sponsors supporting the event, this year. The upcoming show, which is the landmark 29th anniversary edition featuring its usual list of Country and Folk music artistes, will also...
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Is it true that tea is good for an upset stomach?
Yes! Peppermint tea helps settle the stomach by calming the stomach muscles.
In 2014, Merrill J Fernando, the Founder of Dilmah Tea, proudly announced Dilmah’s pledge to become a Carbon Neutral facility by 2017.
The installation of two solar power plants (100KW and 150KW) at the Dilmah Headquarters is amongst the many ambitious endeavors undertaken by Dilmah, since then, as a part of its commitment to sustainability. One of the largest privately-held solar power...
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Dilmah has successfully fulfilled its pledge to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2017, thus marking a momentous net zero release of Carbon into the atmosphere.
Dilmah’s journey towards becoming a Carbon Neutral facility began in 2011 following the completion of the first sustainability report of its Headquarters in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka which was carried out by the International Union for the...
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How was tea discovered? According to legend, some 5000 years ago, Emperor Shen Nung who was travelling around the Chinese countryside had asked for his water to be boiled as it was foul and unfit for drinking. A breeze caused a leaf to separate from the branch of a plant, which then fell into his cup of hot water. The curious emperor let the leaf steep, then sipped the brew. Tea, brewed from...
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"Among tea's many benefits and effects, it is an efficient tenderizer. Want to get that falls-off-the-bone, melts-in-your-mouth effect for that dish that is great, but could be even better? Try adding some tea!”- Chef Peter Kuruvita