Dilmah Tea
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Friday Magazine talks to Dilmah’s founder Merrill J. Fernando, the sixth-largest branded tea company in the world!

Friday talks to Dilmah’s founder Merrill Fernando

Dilmah Tea
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His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena at the Merrill J. Fernando Charitable Foundation at the opening of the first urban Arboretum.
The fresher the tea, the better the aroma and taste! Check your pack to see if your teas are packed at source, which locks in the freshness.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love spinach, pie and tea? You are in luck! Combine all three in this divine pairing of Spinach Pie with Ceylon Original Breakfast tea. An intense, majestic and perfectly rounded morning tea, this brew can also be enjoyed in the afternoon or with an evening meal. Its raw, earthy nature is reflective of the 100% pure Ceylon tea we are famous for.
Yet another tremendously successful Dilmah School of Tea comes to an end. The 140 Food Service professionals from all parts of the world take with them more than just knowledge about the world's finest herb - tea! They take with them memories and friendship, and in their corner of the world they will strive to impart their knowledge to you by serving more than the perfect cup! The perfect...
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Every now and then we all crave a good ol' drink. And if you can make it even better by adding tea to it, then why not? So here to show us the ropes is world renowned tea mixologist Robert Schinkel.
The participants are all ears as Edwin Soon explains the key aspects one has to understand when pairing tea with food. As a practical guide various foods were placed in front of them paired together with different teas - an essential training for those in the Food Service industry.
Say Cheese! Pairing tea with cheese is a delicate affair and the queen of cheese, Betty Koster, takes the participants of the 47th School of Tea through the key facts that we need to pay attention to when doing so. Adhere to all this and you've got a winner on your hands! Here are the highlights of the session.
Starting the day with a bang! Delicious breakfast staples that we all know and love paired with equally delicious teas. Starting from caramalized bacon and avocado toast to sweet danish bread, here's inspiration to all and sundry.
There is something about a cup of tea that can touch your very soul but to create that perfect brew can be tricky. So here to teach how to brew a perfect cuppa each and every time are the maestros themselves, Dilhan C. Fernando, Peter Kuruvita and Robert Schinkel.
A few highlights of the very informative morning session where our expert tea mixologist Robert Schinkel taught the eager participants the fine art of pairing tea with breakfast staples. He also brewed a mean Chai which was everyone's favourite part of the morning sessions, of course. Most definitely a breakfast to remember!
At the Park Estate Factory, 140 eager to learn individuals were guided through Dilmah’s artisan Green Tea manufacturing process with a hands-on, immersive session. Before calling it a day, the world’s finest green tea was served while everyone watched the sun descend behind the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka.
What a day!
It’s a trip down flavour country! The 47th School of Tea participants were taken under Dilhan C. Fernando’s wing and were taught about the categories of tea; the black tea manufacturing process; why Ceylon Tea is different and a presentation on the 4 highly exclusive Watte Teas with a flavour mat, dry leaves and infused leaves, and wine glasses filled with the tea liquor for tasting. Depth,...
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The 47th School of Tea participants visit the estate where the most natural and freshest black tea in the world comes from! The Dunkeld Estate, situated on the banks of the Castlereagh reservoir, with spectacular views of the Great Western Mountain Range, is perhaps the most picturesque tea estate in Sri Lanka. The tea at Dunkeld is the freshest in the world as it’s brewed and served within...
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Journeying through the misty mountains by train en route to Nuwera Eliya was filled with fun and games!
Journeying through the misty mountains by train en route to Nuwera Eliya was filled with fun and games!
The Empower Culinary and Hospitality School was recognized as a World Association of Chefs' Societies (WACS) certified culinary education institution by the WACS Education Director John Clancy at the Graduation Night of its maiden batch, a while ago. After several days of observation, John Clancy recognised the school as an institute with a high standard of training and skills development for...
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Highlights of the 1st day of the Dilmah School of Tea.
Here are some of the highlights from the Graduation Night of the maiden batch of the Empower Culinary and Hospitality School. After many months of learning, hands on training at the Centre’s state of the art training facility and the exposure received working with leading chefs from across the world, these graduates are now empowered to explore the gastronomy and hospitality world. They will...
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