RIP Peter Steele & Dime. Peter passed away on this day in 2010.
RIP Peter Steele Dime Peter passed away on this day in 2010
Jeff Robinson
Robert Callahan
Steve Lawrence
Dime & Pantera kicking ass in Italy in 1992. Check out young the Dean from Hell looks Dean Guitars!
Mike Galvan
Sean Eric Minser
Amanda Walton
Getcha some tips from Dime on a video he made for YOUNG GUITAR.
James Cardella
Bryan Maple
Dave C Petrey
Dime in the snow, 2004.
Dime in the snow 2004
Richard Rigless Willingale
Nikki McDermott
Gunjan Wildchild Singh
Vinnie, Rex, and Philip sit down with Loudwire to remember Dime and discuss the making of the game changing album "Vulgar Display Of Power". Hear thoughts from Pantera's peers as well. See the 3 part video series here: [ Link ]
Dimebag Darrell 02/27/2017
Matt Bannerman
Lou Amezcua
Joe Anstey
Vulgar Display of Power was unleashed on the world 25 years ago today!
Jesse Myers
Mike Broom Jr
Fernanda Assumpção
Alan Lewis
Gregory Boverson Jr.
Robert Bethel
Peace Love Happiness.
Joey Naples
Nosha Monteiro da Cunha
Adrian Macca Mcfarland
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Vulgar Display of Power turns 25 this weekend. Nice tribute to Walk & Dime!
Vulgar Display of Power turns 25 this weekend Nice tribute to Walk Dime
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RIP Elliott Dean Rubinson. Hopefully you are off jamming with Dime!
RIP Elliott Dean Rubinson Hopefully you are off jamming with Dime
Tom Snider
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Corwin Olds
#tbt to the big Dime ML Dean From Hell we put on display at the 2008 NAMM Show ????????
Dimebag Darrell 02/06/2017
Ulysses Carvalho
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Greg Slusser
Danny Carson Cole
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Aidan Cullen
Israel Crespo
Tim Bradley
Some vintage Dime on lead vocals covering Seek And Destroy!
Dwayne Sessom
Patrick Orr
Nik Koskinen
Dime & his mom. May they both rest in peace.
Dime his mom May they both rest in peace
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Albert Casper
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Zakk Wylde performing "In This River" at The Epiphone Revolver Music Awards - performances by Megadeth, Anthrax, ... last night.
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