Thank you Jakarta and @colosseumjkt !!! Today we play at @agehatokyo !!!
Here we go!!! @bucerecords !! Who wants one?
This weekend we bring @bucerecords and all of the music to Jakarta @colosseumjkt and Tokyo @agehatokyo !!! Leeet's go!!!
Festival season is almost here!! Can't wait for it!
Here is the recap from our Buce Records party we threw down last saturyday at BLAST Athens !! <3 <3 <3
Athens went off yesterday, so much fun, almost a 3h set! Thank you BLAST Athens and Ace2Ace for having us and our @bucerecords party!
The most dramatic heavy metal opera elevator ride ever!
'Grizzly' with us and Futuristic Polar Bears is out tomorrow through our label Buce Records !!!
Our collab 'Grizzly' with Futuristic Polar Bears is finally out on Friday through our label Buce Records !!
Last year after our Tomorrowland mainstage set we did a small show at the Jupiler stage. This was one of the best and most fun gigs of our life. Size does NOT always matter. Respect to the people who joined us there! ❤❤❤
Big news tomorrow! Cheers!
Who wants one?
Grizzly with Futuristic Polar Bears is on it's way!
The first ever Buce Records label night was a huge success! Big thank you to HALO-Clubbing and Third Party !! Enjoy this recap!