Diner Dash
03/22/2017 at 16:34. Facebook
Diner Dash
03/22/2017 at 16:33. Facebook
Come party with Flo and Cookie in the newest Venue: K-pop Kitchen! #CookingDash ** Download Now! smarturl.it/cookingdash
It's the day after all things stockings and ornaments, but the festive treats n' sweets are forever in Cooking Dash's "Merry Feastmas" spin-off! Have you made your gingerbread house yet? #CookingDash #HappyHolidays
Hey, chefs - it's the GOOOOOLD Event! Running from 12/17 at 10am to 12/18 at 10pm [Pacific Time], customers and VIPs have a higher chance of dropping that sweet sweet GOLD! Come getcha' some starting Saturday! #CookingDash
NO ENERGY COST in Diner Dash this weekend, chefs! Starts on Saturday 12/17 at 10am and ends 12/18 at 10pm [Pacific Time]! Play all day the FREE way! #DinerDash
It's beginning to *cook* a lot like Christmas with our all new spin-off "Merry Feastmas", chefs! Come on in, get festive and make your gingerbread house! #CookingDash #HappyHolidays
** Download Now! smarturl.it/cookingdash
Happy happy holidays and "Merry Feastmas", chefs! It's the name of our all-new spin-off nestled inside Country Fried Cabin! #CookingDash #HappyHolidays
Flo is festively showing off some yummifuls in our all-new spin-off "Merry Feastmas" -- just in time for Christmas! #CookingDash #HappyHolidays
Our deepest culinary apologies, chefs! Seems we had an undercooked portion of our weekend Recipe Rush Event that prevented it from working for our esteemed and awesome players. So sorry for any inconvenience and we'll have more on this shortly. Thank you for bearing with us, truly, chefs!
Happy Sunday morning, chefs! We'd say this is a fine start to the day in "Country Fried Cabin" - hot cocoa and oatmeal with goodies on top, mmmmm. Sign us up! #CookingDash #SundayMorning
Recipe Rush Event hits Cooking Dash this weekend, chefs! Starting Saturday 12/10 at 10am and ending on Sunday 12/11 at 10pm [Pacific Time], prep your recipes in HALF THE TIME! Rush & Crush those Episodes! #CookingDash
Well hello there, breakfast! Served fresh anytime you play in "Country Fried Cabin" -- anytime's a good time for breakfast! #CookingDash #Breakfast
Both delightful dishes being featured and happily served in our latest seasonal venue "Country Fried Cabin" -- which one would *you* reach for, chefs? #CookingDash #Blueberries
Cold out there? Come on into "Country Fried Cabin" and warm up to some griddle-hot, farm-fresh, tummy-tantalizing breakfast to take the chill out of your bones! #CookingDash
Have you met Nate, Danny and Paul the Lumberjack yet? Come on in to "Country Fried Cabin" today and see some new face in our new winter place! #CookingDash