Dinesh Shahra
03/25/2017 at 09:02. Facebook
'Earth Hour' is one of world's largest platform to express our commitment for a greener world. Every year millions of responsible citizens from across the world use 'Earth Hour' as an opportunity to express their solidarity with environmental causes. Will you be a part of Earth Hour initiative this time round? #EarthHour #Sustainability
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03/24/2017 at 04:21. Facebook
A recent study undertaken by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research highlights that the underlying cause of post-harvest loss in the country is due to the lack of infrastructure for short-term storage, particularly at the farm level, as well as the lack of intermediate processing in the production catchments.The study estimated that an annual value of harvest and post-harvest losses of...
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03/23/2017 at 06:47. Facebook
Passion of our martyrs will always inspire us strive for national emancipation beyond our selfish considerations. Supreme sacrifice of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru will invoke pride and patriotism for ages to come... #JaiHind #ShaheedDiwas
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03/22/2017 at 05:09. Facebook
Bulk of our fresh water reserves are consumed for producing food for humanity. Soybean and pulses can be cultivated with comparatively lesser water as compared to other sources of food. #Sustainability #WorldWaterDay
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03/21/2017 at 04:29. Facebook
About 82 per cent of the country’s farmers are small and marginal, having holdings less than one hectare. Without development of this section, development of farm sector will remain illusive; what do you think? #Agriculture #Sustainability
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03/20/2017 at 06:57. Facebook
Over the years, irrigation potential has increased largely due to increased access to precious groundwater. However, 60 percent of our agricultural land is still primarily rain-fed. Sustainable development of farm sector can be ensured only by development of irrigation access for all. #Agriculture #Sustainability
It is easier to improve oneself than to wait for things to change. Do you agree? #Motivation #LifeHacks
India’s diverse agro-climatic regions have developed some unique farm produces in our country. With access to global trade, Indian farm products can emerge as one of the drivers of India’s exports. What do you think?#Agriculture #Sustainability
India’s agricultural sector hasn’t kept pace with the rapid technological transformations available in the global market.An assessment made by the UN shows that 5G and IoT could enable the agriculture industry to deliver a 70 per cent increase in food production worldwide by 2050, catering to the ever-growing global population. #Agriculture #Sustainability
Late last year, when several villages and cities around Punjab, Haryana and Delhi were engulfed in thick smog resulting from burnt crop residue, Taraori, a small village in Haryana, adopted climate-smart agriculture technology to break away from such archaic and hazardous crop management techniques. Dispersion of knowledge allowed farmers to take right decisions and increase their incomes...
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Upto 14 per cent of overall agricultural emissions in 2050 could easily be avoided by a better management of food utilization and distribution. Food and agro-processing Industry plays an important role in efficient utilization and distribution of resources and is thus indefensible in our fight against climate change. #FoodProcessing #Agriculture
Pradhan Mantri Gramin Fasal Bima Yojana is one of most ambitious crop insurance scheme globally. However its success will depend upon the availability of farm intelligence, like weather forecast, market price, demand etc. even to small farmers. Dispersion of knowledge through social media can play a pivoting role in success of crop insurance. #Agriculture #CropInsurance

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Holi is a celebration of the Indian way of life. The celebrations celebrate and incorporate all colors of life from joy and ecstasy to love and peace. Happy Holi to all of you! #Holi2017
Like any other vocation, linking Agriculture with market demand and facilitating direct marketing will help farmers gain higher remuneration for their produce. What do you think? #Agriculture
Savitribai Phule pioneered women's education in India at a time when educating girl child was a social taboo. Her courage to fight prejudice for justice will always be remembered.We pay our tribute to this great daughter of India on her death anniversary. #women #education #empowerment
Like any other vocation, linking Agriculture with market demand and facilitating direct marketing will help farmers gain higher remuneration for their produce. What do you think? #Agriculture #Sustainability
Success of our society is directly linked to the rise and empowerment of women. In fact resources in women’s control are used more efficiently and used more judicially for ‘general good’#WomensDay
Progress of our society can't be complete unless we give respectable place to the 'differently-abled' among us. SPJ Sadhana School is Mumbai has tirelessly worked to train and assimilate 'differently-abled' children in our society. Our company helped them in their noble endeavor by organizing a factory visit to our Indore plant for pupils as part of our CSR initiative.The excitement and...
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‘Special safeguard mechanism’ proposed by India in World Trade Organization negotiation are essential for preserving the interest of marginalized farmers not just in India but across the world. It is essential to ensure that our farm exports remain competent in the face of global competition backed by farm subsidies. What do you think? #Agriculture #WTO
The most effective way to train your mind to give you positive messages is to turn positive thinking into a habit. What do you think? #Weekend #Leadership