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Infectious Optimism is what makes a leader rise above others; what do you think? #Quote #Leadership
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Mahashivratri greetings! May Lord Shiva grant peace and happiness upon everyone on this holy occasion. #MahaShivratri
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Every year Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur conducts 'Dinesh Shahra Annual Management lecture to celebrate the birthday of their distinguished alumnus. The event was attended by Mr. Ashim Kumar Banerjee, vice president, HR at Ruchi Soya. Some glimpses of the event... #RuchiSoya
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Food and nutritional security for all Indians has always been our vision. Mr. Dinesh Shahra has added the aspect of food security to 'Green Gold' day celebrations this time around. The stress will now be on planting and nourishing fruits and vegetable bearing plants to mark the birthday celebrations of Mr. Dinesh Shahra, which Ruchiites fondly refer to as the 'Green Gold Day. Some glimpses of...
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75% of food insecure people globally rely of Agriculture for their livelihood. Development of agriculture resilient to climate shock is essential for food security of humanity #FoodSecurity
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Development of technology can be key to environmental conservation. Development of sustainable solar power technology and its mass production can make solar power cheaper than coal power in India in the foreseeable future. #Sustainability #SolarEnergy
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The World Food Program estimates that people in the developing world spend 60-80% of their household income on food. Development of food and agriculture sector is key to controlling food inflation. Assurance of food security will help families invest in other critical necessities like education, health-care housing etc. what do you think? #Agriculture #Sustainability
India has about 17% of the world's population and to feed the country, it has just 2.4% of the total geographical area. Success of Agriculture is necessary for making India a true global power. Do you agree?? #Agriculture #Sustainability
Rural infrastructure, particularly roads, storage and electrification, ensuring farmers’ ability to reach a wider consumer base. Development of India's farm sector is directly dependent on development of rural infrastructure; what do you think? #Agriculture #Sustainability
Paris climate agreement pledges to keep climate change to well-below 2 degrees C. Given that food systems - growing food and feed, making and transporting food, cooking, eating and throwing food away - accounts for just under a third of greenhouse gas emissions, food alone has the potential to use up the entire Paris agreement’s carbon budget. As many people have written, the most potent way...
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40% of the world’s landmass is arid, and rising temperatures will turn yet more of it into desert. At current rates, the amount of food we’re growing today will feed only half of the population by 2050. How you think we can deal with this challenge? #FoodSecurity #Sustainability
Every human being is entitled to food security. This Valentine's day lets resolve to work for food security of all Indians #ValentinesDay #FoodSecurity
Mr. Dinesh Shahra in his recent interaction with media said "We have been looking at opportunities to explore optimal use of unutilized capacities for crushing, refining and packaging edible oils with various parties. The agreement with Patanjali Ayurved is a win-win situation. We will be able to utilize idle capacities, and work with Patanjali to enable them to supply quality refined oils to...
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Ruchi Soya ties-up with Patanjali for edible oils

Roughly one-third of global crop production is lost due to plant diseases and pests. Crop diversity has traditionally saved us from complete destruction of crops since a single disease or pest strain cannot destroy all varieties of the same crop. However development of mono cultures is fast withering India's crop diversity. The most simple way to deal with this challenge is to choose...
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Discipline is your best guide for achieving distant goals. Do you agree?? #WeekEnd #Quote
28% of global agriculture lies in water-stressed regions. It takes roughly 1,500 litres of water to produce a kilogram of wheat, and about 16,000 litres to produce a kilogram of beef. Change in dietary preferences is essential for food security. What do you think? #Sustainability #Agriculture #Vegetarianism
Rural customs and values are cherishes across India's cultural landscape. Mr. Dinesh Shahra sharing a lighter moment with a performer at #KalaGhoda art festival in Mumbai #Mumbai #IndianCulture
Mr.Dinesh Shahra has always believed in the immense potential of India's farm sector. His views on the subject were recently published by the prestigious Forbes magazine. #Agriculture #Forbes #RuchiSoya #Budget2017 #Farming #IndianAgriculture

[ Forbesindia.com Link ]

Forbes India Magazine - 2017 - The year of the farmer?

Shri Mahadeo Shahra Sukrat Trust supported by Ruchi Soya has been conducting women empowerment programs at Patalganga, Maharashtra. The empowerment program's 'income generation activity' has successfully groomed 49 rural women entrepreneurs. SMSST and ICA Talegaon recently organised a women empowerment planning workshop christened "Navi Disha" at Patalganga. More than 100 women attended the...
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