Dippin' Dots
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Puppy kisses are pretty sweet...but so are Dippin' Dots.

Happy #NationalPuppyDay!

Dippin' Dots
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! What's the only thing better than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? A cup of Dippin' Dots! Lucky you!
Somebody is all smiles in the snow.
Are you sassy, like REDBERRY® Sherbet? Or classic, like Vanilla?
Take the "What Flavor Are You?" quiz to find out what Dippin' Dots flavor matches your personality, and enter for your chance to win FREE Dippin' Dots!

Dippin' Dots

Why dunk your Oreos when you can give them a dip? #DippinDots #Oreo #NationalOreoDay
Everyone knows Dippin' Dots are cool. But do you know just how cold they actually are? Check out Dippin' Don't Ya Know? to find out! [ Dippindots.com Link ]
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Nikki and Johnathan Dunagan share a love of Dippin' Dots, and it led to the perfect sweet surprise at their wedding. They shared their sweet story with us, and you can too! Share your Dippin' Dots love story and use #dippindots #lovestory!

"Johnathan and I met when we were in Elementary school; he played rec football and I was a cheerleader. We both grew up with a love...
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Was Dippin' Dots part of your love story? David and Darcy Bearman fell in love at the Dippin' Dots stand. They shared their sweet story with us and we love it! Share your Dippin' Dots love story and use #dippindots #lovestory!

"My now wife, Darcy, was selling Dippin Dots the summer of 2003 behind home plate when I decided to strike up a conversation. My boss...
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#IceCreamForBreakfastDay is a thing. And it's glorious! #dippindots #icecreamforbreakfast #breakfastofchampions #foodie #yummy
Big Game, Big Flavor, Big Fun! No matter who wins the big game, everybody wins with Dippin’ Dots!
We want you to share the love! Share your Dippin' Dots love story with us and use #dippindots #lovestory. Did Dippin' Dots play a role in the story of how you met your significant other, or how you fell head over heels for the love of your life? Maybe you went for Dippin' Dots on your first date or had them at your wedding! Whatever your story is, we want you to share it!
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Excessive celebration is not only allowed, it is encouraged!
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It's Frozeti's birthday and we're celebrating in a BIG way!
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It's no secret...Dippin' Dots are the best fashion statement for FUN! Thanks for the love, Devon Windsor!
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Instagram photo by devon windsor • Oct 15, 2016 at 7:41pm UTC

We love supermarkets, but they're just not cool enough for Dippin' Dots. More about this from Thrillist.

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The Crazy Reason Why Dippin' Dots Aren't in the Supermarket

Only one word to sum up this picture: YUM!