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LIVE from Direct Relief: 24,000 lbs. of emergency medical aid departing for Peru in response to catastrophic flooding. Hear from Direct Relief's program manager for Latin America and Ambassador Liliana Cino de Silva, Consul General of Peru in Los Angeles.
Outbound: Over 12,700 pounds of medical aid for Peru in response to widespread flooding
"... to preserve a century of hard-won gains toward gender equality, we must maintain the same commitment and resolve that sparked the movement initially — that heartening spirit that inspired millions to participate in the Women’s March in January."

This International Women's Day, The Push for Equality Continues
Hopital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc.

Saving a Life
Hospital staff members unloaded much-needed medicines on Wednesday at the Sulaymaniyah Pediatric Teaching Hospital located in Iraqi Kurdistan. With support from Kurdistan Save the Children, the first partner in Iraq to receive a shipment from Direct Relief, the donated supplies will promote the organization’s mission to improve the lives of children throughout the region. With a value...
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Emmy award-winning actress Viola Davis visits Central Falls in hopes of supporting the impoverished community.

Viola Davis takes on poverty in hometown
Today, five shipments with a value exceeding $15,400 and weight of more than 1,900 pounds, were sent from Direct Relief’s warehouse to communities affected by severe flooding in Northern California. Items such as antibiotics and personal care products will be shipped to Lake County Public Health Dept. and Better Health Pharmacy in San Jose, CA to meet urgent health needs.
In response to severe weather and record-setting flooding across Northern California, Direct Relief has extended offers of assistance to California State Responders, health centers and clinics in the region.

Emergency Update: Northern California Flooding
Nearly 200,000 people were evacuated as the Oroville Dam reached capacity over the weekend.

Direct Relief Offers Aid to Evacuees of Oroville Dam Area
Preschoolers play during recess at Foyer Espoir pour Les Enfants, a school in Port-au-Prince that provides an education and much more to over 100 students – regardless of their ability to pay. The school administers free meals and health services. It even offers professional classes for parents and helps people find jobs. With support from Direct Relief that includes cash grants, first-aid...
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Direct Relief is sending a medical aid to Louisianna after tornadoes caused widespread damage across the state.

Delivering Aid to Louisiana Communities Devastated by Tornadoes
An 80-bed facility, St. Boniface is the primary referral hospital for the southern peninsula of Haiti, which is inhabited by nearly 2 million people.

Protecting Front-Line Health Workers from Infectious Disease in Rural Haiti #HelptheHelpers
Yesterday, the latest of 14 shipments of medicines and medical supplies were sent from Direct Relief’s warehouse to communities affected by tornadoes in Mississippi. The shipment, which includes prescription medication and hygiene items, will meet many urgent health needs after a devastating tornado struck the area less than two weeks ago. The supplies are being sent to Southeast Mississippi...
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A snapshot of this month's activity at Direct Relief
One organization dedicated to building healthy communities is Alliance for Medical Outreach & Relief (AMOR). Since 2008, AMOR has supported five clinics and one hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. By targeting underserved communities and tailoring programs to the unique culture and needs of the populati...

Helping Patients in Afghanistan Manage Their Diabetes #HelptheHelpers