Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing
04/21/2017 at 22:38. Facebook
This weekend, have the time of your life. #DirtyDancing30th
Sarah Jayne Wells
Catie Sayeg
Miguel Ramos
Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing
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Doesn’t their love make you wanna dance? #DirtyDancing30th
Sharon Major
Anita Terrell
Suzanne Stanfield Farmer
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Baby is finally getting out of the corner Help celebrate DirtyDancing30th with
Leslie Nicole
Katharina Altegoer
Cyrielle Pallares
Sandy Robins
Linda Keller
Karen Evans
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Betty Medders
Margaret Berrios
Doreen Essien Peszel Mann
Which of these iconic dance scenes is your favorite? Use the reaction tabs to choose!
Missy Eberly
Emma Grundy
Gabriela Lopez Cornejo
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Emily Lynch
Hayley Belcher
Judi Spiro Weislo
Nobody puts Baby in the corner, especially on her birthday. Happiest of Birthdays, Jennifer Grey! #DirtyDancing30th
Nobody puts Baby in the corner especially on her birthday Happiest of
Debbie Zettlemoyer
Tricia Lee Escoto-Andino
Rachael Tinton
Jayne Robertson-walker
Joanne Hulse
Joanne Tietjen
Anne Perrett
TJ Hool
Philip Beardmore
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Celebrate the DirtyDancing30th Anniversary by completing virtual fitness challen
Mette Høier
Jeannette Nehamee
Kelly McAuley-Bolton
❤ #DirtyDancing30th
Astrid Mestres
Natalie Jones
Carina Michaelsen
Johnny’s got the moves. ❤ #DirtyDancing30th
Patricia Fazzolari-Clark
Kathy Oades
Jenny Ormond
❤❤❤ #DirtyDancing30th
Michelle Martino
Sarah Blundell
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Friday got me feelin’ like…
#DirtyDancing30th collector’s edition is available now (US only): [ Bit.ly Link ]
Crystal Chapman
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Valeska Ibrahim
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Jacqueline D Monaco
Hope Johnson
Marie Durant
Natalie Jones
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