7th Avenue, between 46th and 47th Streets, facing East, 1979
Bowery at Stanton Street, facing North, 1977
Fulton Street at South Street, facing West, 1967

Photo by Sepp Werkmeister
Grand Street at Mott Street, facing Northwest, 1970

Photo by Laurence Hurlburt
Bruckner Boulevard near 141st Street, 1969
Amsterdam Avenue at 95th Street, facing North, 1962
Twelfth Avenue at Fifteenth Street, facing South, 1986
East Gun Hill Road and White Plains Road, 1973
East Broadway and Grand Street, facing South, 1970s
Lafayette Street at Canal Street, facing North, 1975

Photo by Nick DeWolf
Manhattan Avenue at 123rd Street, facing South, 1969

Photo by Jeff March
Southeast corner of 82nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue, c.1980

Photo by Stephen F. Harmon
East 5th Street towards Avenue D, facing East, 1980

Still from the film Downtown 81
Amsterdam Avenue at 76th Street, facing North, 1985

Photo by Matt Weber
Seventh Avenue at 55th Street, facing North, 1967
South Street at Peck Slip, facing Southwest, early '80s

Photo by Robert Mulero
Westbound BQE approaching the Kosciuszko Bridge, 1973

Photo by Allan Tannenbaum
Canal Street at Mercer, facing East, c.1981

Photo by Len Speier, who passed away a few hours ago. R.I.P.
143 Ridge Street, c.1980

Photo by Dee Li