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"When this cold world starts getting me down, I go up where the air is fresh and clean" ... Up On The Roof, claimed here by a large group of Columbus Day Parade watchers. Gotta love the DOB fake brickwork on the Shanti Lounge. If memory serves, DiLorenzo was a pol in Eastie. Posted by Christine Philbin Friel.
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JP types. Ever eat breakfast at Sorella's? Right across from Hi-Lo....make that Whole Foods in Hyde Square. In 1936 it was called the Jamaica Deli. Bet their food was good too.
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A trolley makes its way from Neponset to North Station in this undated photo taken somewhere along its route. Nothing looks familiar enough to identify. Guesses are always an option.
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Into the Mystic. The Mystic River Bridge at the time of its 1950 opening. The nearly two mile structure is the largest in New England. In 1967 it was renamed after Maurice Tobin who was Boston's Mayor, Massachusetts Governor and US Secretary of Labor under Truman.
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"Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" ... Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, January 1849. Not all that long before this quiet street scene on a virtually unchanged Tremont St downtown where we see a proper Bostonian lady passing a lace shop. ADDENDUM: the quote is from 1849, not the photo.
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"He loved country music, but he really didn't like the country music business and didn't think it should be angled just at Nashville. The music's bigger than that. It should touch everybody." - Keith Richards. Gram Parsons founded the International Submarine Band in 1966. He then joined the Byrds in 1968 and was a driving force on the Sweetheart of the Rodeo album. A year later he was a Flying...
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And that's the way it was. Under Forest Hills Station in JP in the early 80s. The cold steady dripping was an additional bonus. The cars are undoubtedly T employees'.
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If you drove down Morrisey Blvd in the Space Age, this would have been your department store destination. Pre Bradlee's.
Valentine's Day Blizzard of 1940. Here we have a young Ron Daly, contributor, perched on a sled on Chestnut Ave in Jamaica Plain, smiling for the camera while his older siblings toil.
The plow clears Berkeley Street. Courtesy City of Boston Archives.
Contributor Sue Manning O'Briant is captured with skis following the Blizzard of 78 in Shabbily Atavistic Cambridge (SAC). Central Square to be more precise.
DOB across the river in Shabbily Atavistic Cambridge. While we're simply called Dirty Old Boston, Cambridge highbrows require a tag they can uniquely embrace. Hence SAC has arrived. Accordingly we offer this capture of Harvard Squarians walking briskly, in furious pursuit of a certain je ne sais quoi. Photo by Peter Luft.
Photo by Dennis Keefe.
DOB across the river. Cross-Country skiing through Harv Sq, 1978.
Jordan Marsh in winter.
Dominus Vobiscum. Et Cum Spiritu Tuo. Time for Latin Sunday Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas in 40s' JP on South St
Power out? Downtown--such as it was--likewise out of commission in November, 1965, as the expressway remains well-lit thanks to Henry Ford and Delco. Location of that lit pocket outside in the cold distance? Many may guess, but someone will know.
Downed power lines? Take a look at the phalanx of fallen wires over the train station on Pearl St downtown in 1881. Submitted by Brian Long.
The Hatch Shell in Deep Freeze mode. Photo by Arthur Griffin.
The Girls of Winter, 1940. Submitted by Bob Hoffenberg.