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Did you miss our Disarita cocktail recipe? Check it out and discover the key ingredient for the perfect drink! Find out more about Disaronno at:
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Disaronno has fans all over the world. Tell us about your favorite spot for a #Disaronno cocktail. Pic by @grupovarma
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Check out number 4 in our list of New York bars you should know about, we're pretty sure you won't have heard of it! #BEORIGINALE Check it out! [ Beoriginale.com Link ]
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Tag anybody you want to enjoy a #DisaronnoWearsEtro Sour with this evening. Cheers!!
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The Disarita is one of our classics! Brighten up these wintery days with our secret recipe:

50ml Disaronno
25ml tequila
15 ml fresh lime juice
5 ml sugar syrup

Method: Pour the ingredients into a shaker and double strain into a margarita glass. Garnish with lime wedge.
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The clock is ticking, the countdown has started! #Disaronno wishes you a wonderful night with #DisaronnoWearsEtro.
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Glammed up for #NewYearsEve? Don't forget #DisaronnoWearsEtro for the midnight toast!
Pic by: @fablefrique
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Making the best of these last days of the year with #DisaronnoWearsEtro
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#Disaronno wishes you #MerryChristmas!
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Enjoy the magic of #ChristmasEve with a perfect mix! Try the Italian Lady cocktail! Enjoy it!

25 ml of Disaronno
10 ml of Dry vermouth

Build in champagne flute with ice. Garnish with orange.
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Interested in knowing where you can find our #DisaronnoWearsEtro? Check it out here: [ Disaronno.com Link ]
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Among the exclusive drink list for these Christmas holidays we suggest you to try the French Connection cocktail, with #Disaronno and cognac, mixed and served in an old-fashioned glass filled with ice. Do not miss any steps. Cheers!
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There's nothing better than celebrating Christmas with your family, friends and of course #DisaronnoWearsEtro
Pic: @yasalamfashionblog
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There is a world of mixed drinks that escapes the traditional rules. It expresses itself with centrifuges, infusions, macerations, drying processes of various ingredients.
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#DisaronnoWearsEtro limited edition bottle is travelling around the world. Here the tour in a glimpse.
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Disaronno Wears Etro: when the look creates the style

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Did you miss our #DisaronnoWearsEtro Sour recipe? Check it out and find the core element for the perfect Sour!