Spring is HERE! What are you looking forward to??
Boaters love Pi Day too!
Longer days. Sunnier skies. Spring is coming! Save yourself a boat load of trouble by properly prepping your boat BEFORE heading out. Use our Spring Start-up Checklist to get your boat ready for launch!>> [ Discoverboating.com Link ]

Spring Start-up Checklist

What's your boat type? Meet your match and find your dream boat with our Boat Selector Tool!

Boat Selector Tool: Choose the Right Boat

A fellow boater getting into the holiday spirit Clark Griswold style! Impressive light display by Mount Dora Boating Center in Florida!
Its a good thing this is wrapped so well, or else we would have ruined the surprise ;)
Ever feel the urge to move on a boat? This millennial couple did. Get inspired & follow their adventures at [ Firstmatekate.com Link ]. Thanks for sharing America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association!

First Mate Kate

Meet Isabella—the designer and her boat! Ten-year old Isabella loves boating—as does her father Willie. Isabella used the Regulator Marine, Inc. on-line tool to design their new boat, aptly christened. How cool is that!
Thank you to all the brands, organisations and individuals who supported us. #MissingType
There are three main types of blood cancer: leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. For many blood cancer patients, only a stem cell transplant will save their life. To register as a potential donor, speak to staff at a blood donation session.
This year 25 blood services from across 21 countries came together in a global drive for donors. #MissingType
“Is that Star Trek?” - PC Mods
Check out the PC Case mods in the Thermaltake booth at EBexpo 2016
Did you know: almost 8,000 people registered to donate in the first three days alone. #MissingType
"Donated!.......and took a selfie."
They say boats are not meant to stay ashore, and neither are your dreams. Take our advice and follow your on-the-water passions!
Just because the summer is ending, doesn't mean boating has to stop. What's your favorite fall boating activity?
Shiver me timbers! All hands on deck, its #TalkLikeAPirateDay!