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A fellow boater getting into the holiday spirit Clark Griswold style! Impressive light display by Mount Dora Boating Center in Florida!
Its a good thing this is wrapped so well, or else we would have ruined the surprise ;)
Ever feel the urge to move on a boat? This millennial couple did. Get inspired & follow their adventures at [ Firstmatekate.com Link ]. Thanks for sharing America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association!

First Mate Kate

Meet Isabella—the designer and her boat! Ten-year old Isabella loves boating—as does her father Willie. Isabella used the Regulator Marine, Inc. on-line tool to design their new boat, aptly christened. How cool is that!
Thank you to all the brands, organisations and individuals who supported us. #MissingType
There are three main types of blood cancer: leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. For many blood cancer patients, only a stem cell transplant will save their life. To register as a potential donor, speak to staff at a blood donation session.
This year 25 blood services from across 21 countries came together in a global drive for donors. #MissingType
“Is that Star Trek?” - PC Mods
Check out the PC Case mods in the Thermaltake booth at EBexpo 2016
Did you know: almost 8,000 people registered to donate in the first three days alone. #MissingType
"Donated!.......and took a selfie."
They say boats are not meant to stay ashore, and neither are your dreams. Take our advice and follow your on-the-water passions!
Just because the summer is ending, doesn't mean boating has to stop. What's your favorite fall boating activity?
Shiver me timbers! All hands on deck, its #TalkLikeAPirateDay!
The fleet's all here! Tag someone you'd love to go boating with today.
Drop it like it's hot. Where are you anchoring this weekend?
Happy hump day! Now go spend your evening enjoying the sunset from the water. Thanks for the awesome picture Sal Zagame.