Latest study on Lucy shows she spent a good portion of her life in the trees.

The Latest on Lucy: Early Hominin Spent Serious Time in Trees - Dead Things
Microbes in microgravity begin to starve and stew in their own acids.

Microbes in Space Starve, Stew in Their Own Acid - The Extremo Files
It might be more than just the X and the Y that matter.

Chromosomes Aren't the Only Determiners of a Baby's Sex
A small tarp conceals a big paleontological find in Montana.

A Small Tarp Conceals A Big Find
A protein from tardigrades has been shown to work in human cells.

Tardigrade Genome Reveals Multiple Unique Adaptations
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There’s an odd correlation between eating spicy food and living longer.

Better Living Through Chili Peppers - Seriously, Science?
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New study suggests that humans are one of the most innately violent species.

Violence: Are Humans Bad To The Bone? - Dead Things
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Using the same phenomenon that result in mirages, lasers could make atmospheric lenses and shields.

Lasers Could Generate Shields Out Of Thin Air
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Dispatches from Antarctica’s Dry Valley, one of the most remote places on Earth.

Dispatches from Antarctica's Dry Valleys
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A recent paper challenges the long-held view that synapses store memories in our brains.

Do Synapses Really Store Memories? - Neuroskeptic
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Scientists search for the perfect cup of coffee with math.

In Search of a Mathematically Optimized Coffee Brew
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A dinosaur ancestor and early dinosaur from the same time period discovered in Brazil.

The First Dinosaurs' Surprise Neighbors: Lagerpetids - Dead Things
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From the archive: Why humans can outrun almost every other animal over long distances.

Born To Run
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Rats eat their own feces, purely for the nutritional value.

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Rats
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Alfred the whale teaches researchers how the giant aquatic mammals got their baleen.

Found: A Missing Link in Whale Evolution
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Our own solar system still has a few secrets left to divulge.

To Planet 9 — and Beyond!
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In tense situations, those forced to react while their heart was beating, as opposed to resting, exhibited more violent, racially biased behavior.

Perception Can Change in a Single Heartbeat
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An outbreak of this parasite ruins the holidays for an entire town in Lebanon.

The Christmas Worm - Body Horrors
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When it comes to the universe, nothingness is actually really important.

Why Nothing Really Matters