The Indian Ocean was a thriving trade route long before the Silk Road.

The Indian Ocean: A Maritime Trade Network History Nearly Forgot
How a young researcher attempted to recreate the birth of life in a test tube.

Cooking Up Early-Earth Conditions
How a bulge of volcanoes caused Mars to tip over 3 billion years ago.

When Mars Tipped Over
The new tree of life reveals the staggering diversity of bacteria.

A Revised Tree of Life
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A lonely wolverine may have seen his last winter.

Buddy the Wolverine, Lost and Found
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Why do more firstborn children need glasses?

Why More Firstborn Kids Need Glasses - Inkfish
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Want to know if your content will go viral? Just buy an MRI machine.

Brain Activity Can Predict If an Article Will Go Viral
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The deep sea offers vast economic resources. But first, we have to find out what's down there.

Lighter, Faster, Cheaper: Broadening Access to the Deep Sea - The Extremo Files
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Without Hubble, our view of the universe would far diminished.

Hubble's Greatest Hits
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Human organs built on tiny chips could be combined into a whole body.

Building a Full-Blown Human Body-on-a-Chip
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Looking at just southern England, researchers recorded over 3 trillion insects passing by each year.

Trillions of Insects Pass Over the U.K. Each Year
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Bats harbor a frightening diversity of viruses — some of which may be able to infect humans.

The Rich, Frightening Diversity of the Bat "Virome" - The Extremo Files
Surgeons look to octopus arms for help in the operating room.

Doctor Octopus Will See You Now
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When it comes to saving America's bees, the politics get real messy.

Buzzkill: Will America's Bees Survive?
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Using molten metal and 3-D imaging to map a scorpion’s desert habitat.

Inside a Scorpion's Desert Haven
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Why a waltz makes great background music for playtime.

Playtime Is Better With Music
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In the ancient Chacoan culture in New Mexico, women clearly held sway.

In Ancient Chacoan Society, Women Ruled
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Tuataras, with no close relatives on the tree of life, get confirmed as "living fossils"

Tuataras and The Question of Living Fossils - Dead Things